31 January 2007

Beauty stuff

This post is for my sis Carol, who suggested we name our fave beauty products or tips. So here are mine:
1.Moisturize, moisturize....uh, moisturize!
doesn't matter what it is, or how much it costs, but i slather it on at least once a day, esp. since the dry heat in the house, makes my skin feel tight and horribly dry. I'm thinking of getting a humidifier to put next to my bed.
2. Lip Balm. Vaseline is my fave - always found in my bathroom, bedside table and purse. I am sooo addicted - it is my lip saviour.
3. Cleanse. Garnier Soft Foaming Cleansing Cream for Dry and sensitive skin.
I wash my face with this in the shower and it smells nice, and makes my skin feel refreshed and sooo soft. I also exfoliate with Yves Rocher pure calmille exfoliant once a week.
4. Water and Sleep. I don't know if this makes alot of difference, and it goes without saying, but drink lots of water, since the skin is about 80% water and a good night's rest is supposedly good for your skin.
5. SPF - whether it is January or August, protect your skin, if you don't want to look like a leather purse when your older.
and for more tips and beauty advice, including products: chickadvisor

29 January 2007

clutter bug!

my sewing table - uh, correction....junk table

this is opposite side of craft/tv/guest room

Oh my...oh my, OMG!!
I am still movin' stuff from my apt. to the house and we just came back with another load yesterday - the let me see....ah, yes the 5th trip.... 2 times with a borrowed SUV and 3 times with the car jammed with 'my stuff'. I'm completely overwhelmed with it, and where the heck it's going to all go. I've already filled up the shed and garage(already packed with junk) and our sunroom is crammed with boxes and bags. This house is not big, it's rooms are small and I have to sort, purge, designate for yard sale and charity. This is an accumulation of stuff i have collected since the late 80's and i have lived in 11 apts since then, WoW!!
I feel helpless, hopeless and unable to motivate myself to begin sorting it all. The house is already at the point of being cluttered and i do not want to have a cluttered house.
As you can see from the photos there is a big mess, and everyweek i tackle it and clean it up but then we make another trip to my apt. bring back another load and the clutter begins again. We also have one more load to get this weekend.
Oh vey!
Steve it going to put up shelving around the sewing table this week, so all my sewing and crafting supplies can go there, and we bought those 'under the bed storage on wheelies' boxes to hide alot of stuff we don't need to use on a daily basis. So, that is a start i guess. Anyone got any organization tips they want to 'throw out' there (notice the pun?). Do you have any similar horror stories?

26 January 2007

the coldest night of the year

Yesterday was supposedly the coldest night of the year. Archie and Eddie have noticed the house is now colder since our latest deep freeze. They spend alot of time cuddled by the heat registars. They even snuck into the armoire today. I looked everywhere for them and finally found them in there, nestled amongst all my winter woolies - mittens and scarves.
The temperature outside is very cold - about minus 17c with the wind chill.
I'm dreaming of spring and wishing we could afford to fly away somewhere warm. Steve has been checking for deals but so far there is nothing good yet. So for those of you in the same boat, stay warm, drink hot beverages and snuggle under your blankies until this weather improves.

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, use it often, as we have been lately. Archie sure loves it.

25 January 2007

i have been sitting here, watching

the cursor blink for about 2 minutes

now and i can't come but with anything

interesting to write about today.

So, instead i leave you with this photo

of my latest flower, these glorious tulips

and wish you all to have a nice day!

23 January 2007

its's not the fall that hurts....

I am so excited about this Swedish band - The Caesars (they've won at the Swedish Grammys). Steve heard them first and turned me on to them. They are me new fave band. Watch their video - it is the coolest one I've seen in a long time and I believe they filmed it in BC. It's quite addictive, as is the song. I listen to them on my Ipod, and it sure puts a spring in my step and a big smile on my face. Please have a listen to both songs (my fave is: "IT'S NOT THE FALL THAT HURTS) and let me know what you think. Warning: JERK IT OUT will make you get off your chair and dance around the room like a crazy fool. Enjoy!!
(just select 'high' when viewing video)

18 January 2007


I've been tagged by Leslie to do a meme. So I have to come up with a list of 5 things about myself, not revealed in my blog. What I did was take the first two words of each of Leslie's list and then fill in the blanks.

Here goes nuthin:

1. I enjoy watching really dumb tv shows like 'Wife Swap' and 'America's Funniest Home Videos'. Reality shows are good for a laugh or two. (OOhh, the embarassment!)

2. I like to stay up late. Yes, I'm going through a 'night owl phase' right now, lately going to bed after 1:00 pm. I like the solitude and peacefulness, no phones ringing or interruptions of any kind.

3. I love New York City. I've been there about 8 or maybe 9 times since 1990, lost count, and there's just something about it I can't get enough of, the food, the people, the galleries and museums, the whole atmosphere, is exciting and inspiring. I heart this city so much, i almost moved there once but decided it was going to be too tough to live illegally.

4. I have (on the same vein as no.3) met a celebrity and had a convo with Woody Allen, who was with Soon Yi walking past the Guggenheim and I ran after him, he stopped and we chatted for a couple of minutes, my sister took photos, and I got his autograph. It was in the summer of 2000 and all very surreal,and afterwards I took the camera to the photo place only to be told that the film got ruined. My brush with fame was alas, not captured on film, but I do have his autograph.

5. I had a fear of dentists as a child. I once bit a dentist who refused to treat me after that (smart move). I was referred to a special dentist for bad children (hehe). I have'nt bitten a dentist since though.

Gee THIS was fun!! I tag: Vanessa, Tatjana, Victoria, Risa and Diane. Carol, Cathy and Nathalie, you can join it too, but since you don't have blogs, you can email me and I'll post it in my blog.

17 January 2007


Eddie getting warmed up

Pineapple Chicken Tostadas

tostadas and lots of beer

Baby, it's cold outside! Please, somebody, take me to Mexico! This weather makes me want to dive under my duvet until spring. I made some tostadas the other night and I have to say, this is a good recipe. If you make it you will not be sorry, this is a kick ass meal, as Steve put it. So, dear friends, if your pocketbook won't allow you to go away to warmer climates, the next best thing would be to make something Mexican, break open a couple of Coronas, and put on s0me Salsa tunes.
(FYI, if you do decide to make this recipe, I would recomend draining the canned tomatoes or using fresh, as it was a wee bit too liquidy. Also, in the ingredients it lists beans but they were not in the receipe method, I never used them and I did'nt miss them, as this meal was quite filling.)

12 January 2007

fashion friday

Whilst walking through a chilly Yorkville in Toronto yesterday I was inspired to take these photos:

this top is lovely, I want it! It looks so cute with jeans or a skirt.

i heart this sweater so much, it's Benetton and I was too scared to check it out since I might get into credit card trouble.

forgot which store this was, but one of those tres expensive ones where you have to mortgage the house to purchase. The beading on these jeans is fantastic!
(click on photo to see the detailing)

Did somebody say 'tea party'?

chinese white tea and a few leftover Christmas treats

please excuse the dark circles...I was too lazy to apply concealer today
I just got this extra large orchid teacup and it's too heavy to stick out my pinky!

P-a-r-tea-Y?......BECAUSE I GOTTA! ( a bit of Jim Carrey humor there, y'know...'The Mask'). Okay silliness aside, I heard about this international tea party from this gal's blog and I thought I would join in.
I heart tea so very much, it's a great beverage, and I have to say my hands down favorite kind is Earl Grey, followed closely by ginger and then green tea. I find that by using a fine bone china cup, it really does enhance the flavor alot, since tea is a delicate drink. In the news yesterday I was surprized to learn that by adding milk to tea you lose the antioxidant benefits. I love milk with my Earl Grey tea, although I do drink green and ginger tea straight, so at least I'm getting the benefits sometimes.

09 January 2007

Thrifty Thursday

For my Thrifty Thursday post, I have included all the goodies I've found recently at my fave thrift stores in Whitby.

these beautiful antique creamers, the pearl grey creamer is made in Japan, and the blue and white one is made in England

this cigar box purse - very cute!

these cute Christmas ornament drums from Japan, and the prettiest saucer I've ever seen.

the sugar bowl on right is the latest addition to my silver-plated collection.

this gorgeous tray is now my spoon rest on the stove.

and this cutie is Harley, our friends dog, who is kind of like the thrift store items, he's old (14) but a real treasure. I walk him when I have time.

08 January 2007

I bought this orchid at the corner store - love love love the colors. I always want to have flowers on my kitchen counter and I used to think I had to spend a lot of money but it can be inexpensive. This orchid was only $2 and the last flower I got was this red gerber daisy for $3, which I added a couple sprigs of pine to for a nice effect. I put the orchid in an old Dr. Pepper bottle and it tilts to one side but it looks so nice with just the one stem. You don't have to buy a whole bouquet. Luckily, my corner store is part florist shop so everytime I'm in there I love to check out the flowers. I would love to get a 'heather' plant next time. I love it's delicate little purple sprays - a bit more expensive at $8 but it will last a good while. At the grocery store I picked up a beautiful little tropical plant for only $4 in a cute red tulip shaped pot - it sits on my kitchen window. Flowers make me so happy - they cheer me up instantly. When Steve and I were dating he would bring me flowers every weekend without fail. He said he loved how happy I looked when I open the door and was presented with them, and they were usually mums or carnations, maybe daisies sometimes. I just got this glass bowl and I'm itching to plant a spring bulb and watch it bloom, maybe some paperwhite narcisuss. I love to watch plants and flowers grow and bloom - it's exciting and satisfying to see the progress but a bit sad to watch it wilt and die. Like life, I guess.

06 January 2007

Breakfast at Mimi's

yummy blintzes

El vez omelette with maple cheddar

kitchy collection

Tomorrow we are being treated to breakfast at Mimi's (see above) for the most scrumptious blintzes on the planet for me and the famous 'El Vez' omelette for Steve. His omelette has Mimi's homemade chili and maple cheddar cheese while my blintzes are filled with fresh farmers cheese and sided with fresh fruit, sour cream and her homemade fruit compote. Can't wait!
We try to get there by 10:00 to beat the crowd, and even though Mimi's diner is sort of a hidden gem in Toronto, it is quite small, with 3 booths and seating for 7 at the counter. Mimi collects alot of vintagey stuff, including her collection of chickens, eggs and roosters. The place gets pretty lively with Mimi chatting away to customers while cooking up a storm, and the tv bolted to the wall plays 80's videos. It is probably our favorite brunch spot in all of Toronto. They also make a lovely latte. It's definetely worth getting up early on Sunday for Mimi's.
God, I love a good breakfast!

Mr. grumpy pants Steve before his coffee.

05 January 2007

tea time

from left: brandy molasses lace roll-ups, gingerbread, chocolate shortbread and fruitcake hermits.

My holiday cookies are dwindling down - I've been enjoying having them with my afternoon tea. I need a cup every afternoon to revive me from midday lethargy.
I still have'nt used my Kitchen Aid processor - Steve is asking me when I'm going to use it, so I'd better find a recipe. I am using our crock pot today, making Chicken Caciatore. I hope it turns out good - it's bubbling away now, the fragrant aroma of oregano and thyme, garlic and onion are filling the house. Oh darn, I forgot to buy mozzerella to melt on top. I do have some asiago cheese I could grate on top instead. Steve just came through the door and said "It smells nice in here". So I can just leave it in the pot for the next 4-6 hours on low, have myself another cuppa tea and leaf through the latest issue of 'Country Living'.

04 January 2007

great gifts

I'm so happy to receive this wonderful book on Audrey Hepburn - treasures. 'pictures and mementos from a life of style and purpose'. Thanks Joe! I now have 4 great books on AH and this one is particularly cool since it contains envelopes at the end of each chapter with copies of certificates and letters of hers, what an amazing book! I also received this handbag day calender from my sister Cathy, thanks sis! Each day a different bag is featured - how nice is that? Every morning I can look forward to seeing a new purse!
I certainly received many lovely gifts this Christmas and I feel totally spoiled. One of the best ones, besides the Kitchen Aid food processor, was a donation in my name for Oxfam, for a womans' program in Gauteng province, South Africa. The program helps these women, affected by HIV/AIDS with health provisions and employment. Again, thanks Cathy for donating on my behalf.
That reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, who was a UNICEF International Goodwill Ambassador from 1987 until her death in 1993. Not only was she a great actor, she proved to be a great person, helping children in over 20 countries. For that she is a true role model.

03 January 2007

more new stuff

I'm lovin' this new dessert book -can't wait to try some new recipes.

my new Kitchen Aid processor-woohoo!

I felt it was time to change the look of my blog - love the color and style - it sort of reflects how I feel right now......cheerful and happy. Change is good - i think it is a sign of creativity, desiring a new look or project. I certainly can attest to that, since I'm constantly looking around the rooms of our house thinking of new paint colors, pillows, changing the furniture around or renovating something. If only we had the extra money, I'd make the sunroom much bigger and move the deck over, or change the floor in the kitchen. I have so many plans for the house, and it's exciting to imagine the ideas come to fruition. This year Steve and I will make decisions on the house and what we want to do and i'm looking forward to that.

02 January 2007

new books!

I'm overwhelmed with inspiration after receiving some great books for Christmas, and although I have'nt yet had much time to read them, I feel excited about my new sewing and craft projects plus some new decorating projects for the house in the coming year. I'm sure to get alot of fabulous ideas and inspiration from these amazing books. I also received the latest Audrey Hepburn treasure book - 'pictures and mementos from a life of style and purpose' and two cook books which I'll post next time. I just wish I had more time to leisurely go through each and every book. I guess I can choose one book at a time and try to reserve an hour a day to do so. So now I just have to decide which one to start off with.
this is what I made for New Years Day - Salmon Coulibiac - a russian yuletide recipe, it resembles a parcel and is red (salmon) and green (spinach). I made a lemon dill sauce to accompany. I also served Gluhwein, a german mulled wine.

01 January 2007

Ringing in a new year

2007!2007! 2007! 2007! 2007! 2007! 2007!

Happy New Year to all my family, friends and blogging buddies!
To each and every one of you, I wish all the best for the new year!
May it be a wonderful, exciting, adventurous, fun and productive year!
I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity!
Love, Tricia


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