04 August 2011

Let's play dress up your pooch

The other week i was sorting out my scarves seeing which ones i want to keep and give the rest to the Goodwill. Yes, i have too many. My Lulu beagle basset girl happened to be on the bed while i sorted and i decided to play a little dress-up. Usually she will not comply with having any kind of clothing on her, but i think she was so sleepy she didn't care. When she was around 6 months old i bought her a pink and brown hounds-tooth patterned sweater but when i attempted to put it on it was a real struggle. I tried numerous times and finally managed to get in on but she began to bite at the rear area and looked quite uncomfortable and not at all into sporting a fall sweater. I had thoughts of parading her down the street and have people oooh and ahhh at how cute she looked. Well, i found out that Lulu was not a dress-up pooch. Chihuahua's, Malties, toy poodles and other small breeds tend to tolerate being made to wear clothing. I contemplated a t-shirt that said 'Drama Queen', which Lulu happens to be, but my husband would be mortified to walk her with that on her backside. He insisted we have no pink, or rhinestones at all on her. I settled for a dark brown collar with little flowers in different colors. Steve was okay to walk her with that one though. So we both got what we wanted. Lulu couldn't' care less of course.

But anyhoo, i did have a little photo session fashion show with scarves ... luckily she didn't mind this time.

Pretty polka dots

Red and White bandana

This is an old tshirt of mine. She had it on for a full minute before she demanded me to take it off.

How cute is this??

Archie was spared the fashion show. He doesn't even wear a collar anymore because he kept losing them, most likely trying to get under fences in the backyard. I love this photo of him, albeit a bit blurry. He perfectly matches the Van Gogh chair.

29 June 2011

Cottage trip

My husband and i went to his Uncle's cottage on Lake Rideau ...it's on the way to Ottawa, about an hour and a bit from the capitol city. It's only a 40 minute drive to St. Lawrence river.

This is the view from the dock. Nice huh?

We were delighted to see this hummingbird getting his sweet water from the feeder.

More shots of the hummingbird.

Alvin chipmunk was very sociable and ran around the deck as quick as a wink, and even jumped on Steven's leg for a moment. Cute.

We took the afternoon to explore the town of Brockville, it is on the St. Lawrence river. Land of the Thousand Lakes.

This is Canada's first train tunnel.

A lovely apt in downtown Brockville. I loved the Parisian-like balconies. Click on the photo to view the first floor balcony, it is just lovely!

So, we had a nice cottage stay for two nights, and were happy that the mosquitoes and bugs were not too bad. The lake was freezing, but Steven jumped in a few times. I was to chicken, but i did put my feet in and after 5 minutes i took them out ...it was too cold for moi.

24 May 2011

Contest Giveaway!

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04 May 2011

Clover Love

Sex and the City” has launched scores of fashion trends, from nameplate necklaces to ginormous flower pins, and the second movie will likely cause the same frenzy among women who want to be like Carrie Bradshaw. The movie’s costume designer, Patricia Field, told MarieClaire.com she thinks clover leaf necklaces, which Carrie wears in the new film, could become the next SATC-inspired craze.

I just ordered my own from Etsy and just got it in the mail. I love it!!

22 March 2011

Mac n Cheese

One of my fave comfort foods...good ol' homemade mac n cheese. I make it at least once every couple of weeks. I steam broccoli to go with, and save some of the cheese sauce to drizzle over the broccoli..deelish!
Time to chow down.

Meet Mr. Mango. Steve drew a face on a mango to humor me. It made me laugh out loud, especially with his tongue sticking out. It was getting too shriveled to eat. We left it in the fruit bowl and he got more wrinkled with each day. Silliness is a big part of our lives, if you have'nt noticed.

This is Archie kitteh's fave place to snooze, next to the computer desk.

Lulu waiting patiently for me to walk her. Yes, i spend too much time on the computer at times.

Archie also naps at the foot of the computer chair, where he also enjoys tummy rubs.

Finally, nap time is over. Time to play with his catnip toy.

06 March 2011

It's My Life..

I saw Eric Burdon and The Animals last night. They were amazing! We had to drive through a terrifying blizzard to see him...so travel time that night was about four hours of white knuckling and praying to get home safe. Glad we saw the concert and got home okay.

Check out the video clips i got on my Facebook Wall:

08 January 2011


My sister and i were in Dublin for the first leg of our trip. It was like being home with all the snow and slush, ice and cold. It was much colder than we anticipated and we were told that it was unusual weather for late November. The snow was a problem for the city and the airport, where we got stranded for a nightmarish 25 hours! We met a very sweet lady from London who made our time at the airport pass much quicker, with her bubbly personality and sweet nature. People such as her really do make the world a better place! This women, with the rose-colored glasses showed me how to make the most out of a poor situation. Great that we met our friend, whom we will write to now!

I am or may not add a note with each photo, oh, and i do recommend you click on each photo for best viewing.

Finn's Hotel

Trinity College

The Haf' Penny Bridge

The Temple Bar

Molly McGuire and leprechaun

Trinity College, where we saw the amazing illuminated manuscripts 'Book of Kells'.

I didn't get that many good shots of Dublin i'm afraid. I had to delete many a shaky shot.

But...i have more great photos of Scandinavia...coming soon!


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