18 August 2007


Sorry, but i just could'nt resist!! Fun at the expensive of humiliating my poor grey cat Edie! But i am feeling quite pooped lately! I don't want to do anything, and i can't even blame the heat and humidity of summer anymore, because it is really cooled down lately. I've been sleeping with my blankie at night, and stopped reading the paper on the deck in the morning because it's too breezy. Fall is starting early this year! I've been trying to sew some new bags and organizing my studio plus getting the house back in order after the terrible insulation project. I still want to do the following:
  1. Paint the fireplace white (currenntly a med. toned wood, that is boring)
  2. Reorganize the sunroom again (it has fallen into the messy zone once again)
  3. Paint a wall in my studio a 50's turqoise green
  4. Paint out the knotty pine on the kitchen island and the tops of the kitchen stools to match.
  5. Finish painting the trim in the livingroom and master bedroom (currently a dull cream, that needs to be a crisp white

Now, if only i could find the energy to do these projects!!! If you would like to come and help me, feel free to visit!

I leave you with photos of Long Pt. Beach and Port Dover, my favorite August destinations. We only live an hour and a half from there but we are so busy with the house, we have'nt had a chance to visit yet. These pictures were taken one year ago....

I would love to here right now!

Sunset at Port Dover

and here i am with my new glasses and haircut. I colored my hair myself to save some moolah, but it won't stay this red for long, red tends to fade out within a month, but it will still look reddish after that. I love the glasses but i may have to take them back since they are quite heavy on my nose! What do you think of them?

10 August 2007

A rant and Antiquing in Coburg

So what have i been up to for the 1st week of August? Everything but blogging! I have'nt had much time for the ole blogger since we just got our house insulated. You see last winter we froze our tooshes off so we had our house checked and there was no insulation in our 89 year old farmhouse!!! No wonder we were freezing and spending lots of dough on heat that was seeping outside.......oh dear! But now the house is properly insulated and we have a kajillion 2 inch holes in our house that have to be plugged, plastered and painted!! Yes, more work!! I nearly cried after seeing the state of the house after the workers had finished. Even though we had packed away alot of our things and covered everything (i mean EVERYTHING) in plastic, there was still tons of a fine, powdery dust and insulation stuff all over! That evening it took me 5 hours with no break of vacuuming and damp sponging in order that the cats could return from their torturous day in the basement. (said kitties were meowing half the day to be let back up!) So after the clean up i discovered the workers had broken the antique glass shade of our treasured bridge lamp, plus they drilled through the tongue and groove part of the wainscotting in our bathroom (Argh!) which ruined the look of it, and they also were careless with the things covered and plastic which caused all the dust and powder to get messy. I was furious that night and sooooo exhausted, my tired arms like limp zucchini (don't ask me why i said that). That was about a week ago, and we still have'nt got the house back in order yet!! not to mention the holes!!!! Our walls look like swiss cheese right now!

Okay, enough comlaining....we also got our new door with leaded glass today, since the old one was causing major heat loss and we are going to get new windows for most of the house!
Renos!!!! OMG! Hate em!!!
So on with todays subject.....Antiquing in Coburg....we found out there was an amazing shop only one half hour drive away in a huge warehouse/barn. Coburg was a delightful little town with beautiful old homes and a nice beachfront. We later found out there was a sandcastle competition that day! darn! We wondered, actually, why the lake was packed with people. Oh well! So here is a photo montage of what we saw at Legacy, the antique place:

lots of doors...

beautiful stained glass...

architectural pieces (love the green)

this pinball machine looks pretty old...

we 'saw ' some art (teehee)

a sea of cast iron bathtubs.....

old rads....

they had a room with this scary bear and other creatures....

poor smokey........ i did a double take when i saw it!

okay, this is really strange...a bear claw with a log cabin sculpture...wow!

whoever made this is very odd!

i did'nt like this!!! poor thumper!

this lady was taking a bath....without water!

her friend was doing vogue!
lady in red!!

We ended up purchasing a small stained glass window for our livingroom,

an antique glass shade for the one broken by the moron who insulated our house

here is the light shade we had to replace since that dumdum broke it!

I may be taking another blog break, since the house still need lots of work and i'm trying to get some sewing done....so if i don't comment on your blogs or email you you will know why! Ciao for now friends!


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