27 December 2010

Scandinavia trip photos

( i highly recommend clicking on photos to enhance ...much more details to be seen.)

I am showing some more photos of my recent trip to Scandinavia. I will briefly describe each photo. I have so many photos that i'm breaking it down category wise. Here's some culinary ones. Typically they love fish of course, and meat, including reindeer. The also love pickled fish.

A very hearty beef and potato stew at Tivoli Gardens ..the restaurant's setting is in a market/amusement park area located downtown Copenhagen. It's quite large, with about 40 restaurants where the world's oldest Ferris wheel is...which i posted in my recent post on my trip.

Lobster bisque with scallop and cheese pastry with french fries...in Copenhagen.

baby shrimps with breaded white fish and cavier.

My sis enjoying some halibut in Oslo.

And me enjoying seafood soup at the same restaurant.

Shrimp salad...a chef's salad...the baby shrimps were so fresh.

Potato pancake with fish i think, in Stockholm.

Beautiful bakery with the most charming window in Copenhagen.

At Christmas markets and sometimes busy shopping areas, we found lots of vendors making roasted candied almonds....the smell was just heavenly. They come in a pretty red and white striped cone paper bag.

I have taken so many photos in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen and i sometimes forget which city the shots were taken...i believe this candy shop was in Stockholm..they love candy there...lots of candy canes and salted licorice.

This woman is enjoying her breakfst in a very pretty Copenhagen cafe/bakery. I love the woven heart decorations on the blue wall. This cafe was across from our hotel, on Hans Christan Anderson Blvd.

We had hot chocolate and coffee, plus some lovely Danish pastries. The Danish love their baked goods like you wouldn't believe...so many bakeries throughout Copenhagen.


While on a canal boat excursion my sis and i got some chicken soup and pumpkin seed bread while taking in the marvels of the city from the boat.

The best brownie i have ever eaten and song bird herbal tea...bakery in Copenhagen.

More delectable baked goods at the bakery mentioned above.

A selection of yummy cookies at the Stockholm airport.

Rich hot chocolate and apple tarte with real fresh whipped cream..not that awful canned stuff!

The bakery windows were so enticing, and beautiful!

It was incredibly difficult to decide what to get...but whatever we chose it was all amazing!

16 December 2010

Have yourselves a Merry lil Christmas!

I'm posting some Christmas-y photos of my recent trip to Scandinavia. I will post more sometime during the holiday season. This one above is a Christmas market called 'Skansen' in Stockholm, Sweden. The little girl in pink made this shot.

A shop in Copenhagen. Note the fish in the window.

This little Christmas gnome in a shop window in Stockholm is so cute.

A department store in Stockholm.

May your days be merry and bright, like this beautiful tree in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. I was most fortunate to see the world's oldest ferris wheel from the 1800's. See below.

Nice shop in Copenhagen in the Nyhaven area, the harbour with a bunch of cafes and shops along each side of the canal.

Cute dollhouse Santa.
and this Santa in a bakery caught my eye. Note the piggys!

This is my sis Cathy and i at our Dublin hotel.

14 December 2010

AHA in Oslo

My sister and I recently saw the pop band AHa play in Oslo, Norway...it was their final tour. I took a video of their big hit from the 80's.


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