31 January 2009

true confessions

I have an announcement to make first:

The winner of my first ever giveaway from the Etsy Blog Party is:


Congratulations Demmi!!!

You have won a $10 gift certificate to use in my shop!!

(Demmi, leave me a comment with your full name and address and let me know which item you would like. I left a comment on your blog with more details.)

It was a great success, with many people getting involved. For my giveaway alone there were 92 entries!!! Wow, I'm so grateful to all who gave me great compliments and made my head swell to the size of a Zepplin.

Many of the other shops who had giveaways are offering discounts for another week in their shops. I am going to join in and offer free shipping for a week!! That's right, all you shoppers, head to talkofthetown or kookyhandbags, and for the next 7 days receive free shipping on any item!!! You heard right! ( I hope this annoying sales pitch helps me get a couple of sales!!)


okay, on with the blog post....

I found this on a blog and thought I'd give it a whirl.

Things you've already done: bold
Things you want to do: italicize
Things you haven't done and don't want to - leave in plain font

1. start a blog (or two).
2. visit Prague and Provence.
3.bungee jumped.
4.write a book.
5. visit Greece and Italy.
6. go on a cruise.
7. start a business (actually two).
8. climb a mountain.
9. held a tarantula.
10. talked to Woody Allen.
11. go sky diving.
12. learn to play the drums.
13. drive again.
14. taught self to sew.
15. adopted a dog.
16. hitchhiked.
17. go through labor (the baby kind).
18. modeled in fashion shows and hair shows.
19. see the Mona Lisa.
20. sit on a jury.
21. been to the top of the world trade centre.
22. win 2 million dollars.
23. held an iguana.
24. be a contestant on Survivor.
25. gone whale watching (and saw some).
26. gone horseback riding.
27. go skiing (downhill and cross country).
28. been in a gondola in Venice.
29. rob a bank.
30.sold earrings to Ed Begley Jr.
31. visited the leaning tower of Pisa.
32. join the circus.
33. Had six cavities at one time.
34.volunteer for/protest for animals.
35.go topless on a beach.
36. Paint (not rooms, canvas's).
37. Have my designs featured in a magazine.
38. Stood atop a mountain in BC (but didn't climb!)
39. visited Pompeii.
40. pet a snake.

I think you can learn a lot from a person not just for what they've done, but also from what they won't do or haven't done.
p.s. I may be adding to the list throughout the week, so drop by to read more if you're interested.

By the way, I belong to an Etsy team, The Etsy Beagle Street Team, a wonderful group of ladies who design wonderful items and have wonderful dogs too. They interviewed me for the blog, if you would like to read it go here: The Etsy Beagle Street Team.

24 January 2009

Come and party!!

Do you like to par-
taay? Well then, you're invited to join the fun over at:

Isabella is hosting an Etsy party! You can go there and get a link if you want to add it to your blog or
Etsy shop, plus you can join in by getting your shop listed! (great for promoting your shop) or if your looking to shop for fantastic one-of-a-kind jewelry, object's d'art, and all kinds of beautiful items!!! Also, as every good party goes, there are give-aways!!! So go check it out!

The party is from:
Monday Jan. 26 until Friday the 30

Five full days of celebrating the wonderful world of
Etsy!! Don't forget to invite all your friends too!

I've included a gift certificate for $10.00 in the give-away, and there are lots of other goodies to be given away too!
To enter for my giveaway, go visit my shops and let me know what your favorite item is, and leave me a comment!

Visit my Etsy shops now to see what you could get with the gift certificate if you win:

23 January 2009

What kind of superhero are YOU?

Scroll down (bottom of page) and take the quiz to see what kind of superhero you are. My superhero power is 'Invisiblility'. So now i can go to Starbucks and sneak a latte anytime I want to..hehe.

20 January 2009

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Southern Ontario, or SoOn, as I like to refer to it, has had massive amounts of snow fall. In Whitby especially we received 30 cm of snow, as compared to Toronto which had about 23 cm, in the past week! We ARE all tired of waking up to seeing more snow, that is except for Miss Lulu, the dog who adores snow. I think we are getting some more in a few days. Poor Steve (he is the official snow shoveler in our house, as i am excused because of a bad back).

On one of our latest walks to the park, Lulu dove into nearly knee high snow drifts, and I had to convince her to leave the park which hadn't had a path cleared. I swear this dog is in love with snow.
When we let her out for bathroom breaks in the backyard, she will climb up and down the snow mountain, a pile of snow from shoveling, and wander around the backyard playing and sniffing around.
Lulu is watching Steve carry the Christmas boxes to the garage. We finally got all the Christmas decorations taken down, and packed up (an all day job), and vacuumed a million pine needles from the house. Why is it I keep finding needles every day!!! Oh well, the needles will eventually be vacuumed up, and when I see some, I am reminded of the memories of Christmas...awww!

This grinning cat mug is my favorite hot chocolate mug! It is extra large and a pretty turquoise blue inside.
Hot chocolate is a MUST this time of year. A hot cup of steaming chocolate is what gets me through these long winter months. I go the extra mile with mine, by adding real whipped cream (light calorie) and rainbow rounds. They make your hot chocolate experience more special...
.....and pretty! When Lulu hears the can of whipped cream being used, she will run to the kitchen and look at me with big brown pleading eyes. I always give her a couple of squirts of the cream, because yes, she is a very spoiled and greedy beagle! I hope you're all drinking lots of hot chocolate!
Oh, and I just got a new look for my blog, this lovely wallpaper from a site called 'The cutest blog on the block'.

p.s. This is a very special day, as everyone knows, the inauguration of the 44Th president of the United States!!! I'm off to watch the ceremony, an historic occasion. Hurray for OBAMA! Let's hope the United States sees some good changes during his presidency.

12 January 2009


I almost feel like hibernating with this cold snap that's a-coming. I think Lulu has the right idea!! I walked Lulu today, but boy oh boy was it a chilly one!! It's supposed to get much colder tomorrow and the rest of the week. I hope Lulu doesn't mind sleeping instead of walking this week!!

Stay tuned for more health news on 'Talk is Cheeep' in a few days folks!

08 January 2009

health = wealth

Take a look at my latest post on 'Talk is Cheeep".

I spent last night researching for my article on optimum health. Just a part of my series on health and wellness for this month. I'm taking a cue from Dr. Oz from the Oprah show.

Any yep, we got more of the white stuff!

05 January 2009

new year...new blog

Okay, so I've done something new already this year....A brand spanking new blog. It's a journal-type blog called 'Talk is Cheeep', which I've been contemplating for a few months now, and I've finally got it started the other day.

So, here it is.........Da ta TA taAAAA!! Presenting my new blog:

*********TALK IS CHEEEP*********

I would love to know what you think of it! Does it suck? Do you like the look? etc. etc. I am not adverse to getting some feedback, postitive or ...ahem, negative (you wouldn't be too negative i hope??!). I probably need to jazz it up abit more. I'm still debating on whether I should post photos or just save that stuff for 'Carried Away'.

I appreciate any comments, feedback, suggestions and ideas. Praise and compliments also welcome. (I'm vain okay, I crave attention!!)

01 January 2009

To my family and blogger friends

Have a Happy

Have a Happy

Have a Hap Hap Happy New Year!!

May all your wishes and dreams be realized in 2009!!!


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