26 June 2008

In with the old...

Steve and I attended a really cool vintage car exhibit last weekend. They also had a dog show, and rides, and some food vendors, so it was a really nice afternoon for us. It was in a small town just a 15 minute ride away called Bowmanville.

It was a really cool show Daddio!

I love looking at the inside of the cars, the details are amazing inside.

A great variety of cars from the 40's to the 70's.

and such fabulous colors like this tomato red and black 50's car.

Just check out that awesome striped seat! This one was for sale! I really wanted it, but alas it was not to be mine! Steve bought me an ice cream cone instead.

I love love love this turquoise model!

A tribute to that 50's singer Buddy Holly! That's me on the right side of the car, sighing and swooning and imaging myself cruising down mainstreet to American Grafiti tunes.

Speaking of vintage, I did score this lovely old case from a yard sale for 50 cents!! It looks really cool at the top of my stairs.

16 June 2008

weeding and sneezing

It was a rather lonely and yucky weekend. Steve has been taking lots of business courses and studying and then he had an exam on Sunday. So I was left to my own devices, so to speak.
The yucky part of it is my head cold. I have a nasty old cold, that started with a very sore throat and progressed to a stuffed up, coughing and sneezing miserable thing. I swear my head feels about 500 lbs heavy.
S0 what did I do this past weekend>...well...I'll tell you.

Caught up on reading my newest magazines with a cup of ginger tea. I'm off caffeine and dairy right now until this cold is over.

Watched some movies, including this classic western which I adore..Butch Cassisdy and the Sundance Kid. I love the scene with the posse chasing them...."WHO are those guys"!!! Great banter between Newman and Redford and I can't figure out who's sexier.

On Sunday morning, with Steve writing his exam, I made myself a nice little stack of swedish pancakes, which are more or less a crepe type pancake. I had raspberries and some fresh mint from the backyard. YUM! They sure cheered me up!

I hung out in the backyard and admired the new perrinials comning up. We planted quite a few perrrenials to the ones the previous owner put it...lots of new ones coming up every few days. I swear it's so amazing to me to wander through the garden and seeing new flowers coming up.

This vine is creeping up our antenae. Oh, and I picked about a couple hundred or so weeds..we've got tons in the front, backyard and side of the driveway! It felt good to get rid of them....not so good when I got attacked by pesky mosquitos. I keep forgetting to wear bug spray!!

Lulu and I take a moment to enjoy the backyard...

and snuggle. (Steve took this without me knowing last week)

I hope everybody had a lovely weekend too! A...Ahhh..Chooo!!!!
Darn this cold!! Hope it goes away soon. Oh, and Steve passed his test!!! I'm so proud of him!

06 June 2008


I just thought I would show you the beautiful painting I received in the mail today.

I have been stalking this painting on Etsy for quite sometime and since I made some more sales decided to treat myself. It reminds me of some famous painter, not sure which artist....but I love the color expressionism..maybe fauve inspired.

Anyway, I am busy today photographing new stuff I made for my shop so I will be listing it later today! It's a very humid day today in southern Ontario! We are in the midst of a hot spell! I need to stock up on popsicles and make some ice coffee.

Have a great weekend bloggers and friends!

02 June 2008

lily of the valley

These little pretties smell so wonderful. I got these from a neighbour who promised me some this fall to plant in my backyard. They are definitely the cutest little flower....just can't stop sniffing them when I walk by them.

It's time to pot my herbs which I grew from seeds this year.

It's so fun to wake up each day and see that they grown a bit more.

I have basil, thyme and parsley. I tried growing lavender but for some reason the seeds didn't sprout. I suspect my cats peed in it and killed them because I had them on the floor of the sunroom, whereas the other herbs were up on a table. Darn kitties! Now, I'll have to go and buy them in pots.


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