26 March 2009

Feel Good Friday!

Every Friday (for awhile) I'm going put up a dance tune (see the youtube video box above) and I want you to all get off your chairs and dance away in your pj's or your t-shirts and sweats and whatever you're wearing and have fun and forget the responsibilities and woes of the day! Put on yer dance shoes or kick em off and shake yer boootaaayy!
The song I have featured is 'Brimful of Asha' by Cornershop. It is the best 'feel good' dancing song I have ever come across. Feel free to suggest some songs for next Friday!

(video is at the bottom of this page)

20 March 2009

my fur kids

Since I'm not sure what to post about today, I will share the latest photos of my fur kids, Lulu Belle and Archie.

Lulu loves napping on my sofa in the studio. I like saying studio instead of craft room...sounds much cooler, no?

She will lie around where ever I am in the house, always close to me.......

But after a little while Lulu gets antsy and starts pulling on my pant leg, demanding a walksy palksy to the park. She is always ready to go to the park, to see if any of her doggie friends like Riley, Max, Meeka or Limerick is around to play with. She is def a dog who loves to socialize with other dogs and people too.

Little Archie loves the sun...he can usually be found following the sun around the house, napping where there's a patch of sun on the floor or soft cushion. His favorite room in the house would have to be the sunroom....we usually keep it closed off in the winter, but I have to check before i go to bed, in case he gets locked inside...since he sneaks in at every chance.

Someday I would love to get another fur kid, most likely another cat, since Edie passed away at Christmas, but I think we will wait a few years before we do.

17 March 2009

Happy Green Day!

Not Green Day as in the band Green day, but....

St. Paddy's Day!!

"Oh Dannnny Booyyyy...the pipes, the pipes are calling..." Yes, that's my silly cat Archie wailing out some Irish tune for you! He's my little Irish kitty.

I hope you'll all wear something green today (I have a green tank top and mint green undergarments) and drink green beer (wouldn't it turn your teeth green though?) or go look for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (if it happens to be raining in your parts). Let the leprechan in you show some Irish spirit today. Kick up your heels and dance a jig or two. I'm going to play the CD my sister gave me.

Here's a few green items from my shops:

pink and green dragonfly pouch

emerald twist bracelet

11 March 2009

HaPPy BirTHdaY to MaMa!!

I would like to wish a very Happy 80th Birthday to my mother, a wonderful lady who is so amazing to me. She has always been there for me, and all her children whenever we needed her. She is the kindest, sweetest, most generous and just a swell little lady all round!

"Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Dina, Happy Birthday to you!!"

A bunch of us celebrated this fabulous ladies' birthday at an Italian restaurant in Toronto this month. The food and ambiance were great, they even had a giant pepper mill which was probably in the Guiness Book of world records...haha.

Joe had the sea bass...quite good i heard.

Here's the cake I made for Mama D, a dark and milk chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream inside the layers. It weighed a ton!! It was so good!! Rich and chocolatey and not too sweet.
Mama D gets ready to blow out 8 candles. 80 candles would've been impossible to put on!!

You can see the red raspberry buttercream in the layer...it turned out very nice, if i do say so myself! Everyone got to bring home a slice too.

A great dinner, a great evening and a great mother being treated on her birthday!
Below, is the memory pillow i made for my mothers' birthday. I took old photos of her with her friends, then scanned them and used an iron on transfer photo paper to print them, then incorporated into this patchwork pillow I made from a 60's quilt i had.

I think she liked it alot! I hope she did! I also added little details like vintage trims an buttons to frame the photo. It was a labour of love to make.

05 March 2009

Zachary Cruz Fund

I was touched by the news on Etsy, about a sweet little boy named Zachary Michael Cruz, of Berkeley, California, who died tragically last week from a crosswalk accident. Zachary's mother is Jodie Cruz of Petals, a wonderful handbag shop on Etsy. Her sister Jessica, was talking about this in the forums and I went to visit the website they made for Zachary. He was only 5 years old, and the photos and videos of him affected me so greatly, that i set up a Fund on the Etsy forums to help the family with funeral and travel expenses.
Here is the page on Etsy: Etsy forum and you can also see the list of items up for donation to purchase on the Etsy Beagle Street Team Blog.

We have had a wonderful response, with many shops, including myself offering items for donation, with the sales going to Zach's family. Here is their site for Zachary:

Zachary Michael Cruz

If you are interested in helping, by donating money, no matter how small, or donating an item if you have an Etsy shop, contact me, and I will arrange for your item to be added to our Fund. You could also go to the site for Zach and leave a condolence to his family.

Thanks so much.


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