17 March 2009

Happy Green Day!

Not Green Day as in the band Green day, but....

St. Paddy's Day!!

"Oh Dannnny Booyyyy...the pipes, the pipes are calling..." Yes, that's my silly cat Archie wailing out some Irish tune for you! He's my little Irish kitty.

I hope you'll all wear something green today (I have a green tank top and mint green undergarments) and drink green beer (wouldn't it turn your teeth green though?) or go look for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (if it happens to be raining in your parts). Let the leprechan in you show some Irish spirit today. Kick up your heels and dance a jig or two. I'm going to play the CD my sister gave me.

Here's a few green items from my shops:

pink and green dragonfly pouch

emerald twist bracelet


Anonymous said...

Oh I love that pink and green handbag, just beautiful! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day of green!

MsAnomaly said...

LOL! It does look like Archie is singing! :D I love the dragonfly pouch, too! Wishing you the luck o' the Irish! :0)


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