27 April 2007

spring fashion friday

i went shopping for some clothes the other day and this is what i picked up....

this lovely top (very Anthropologie) and can't wait to wear it with my white pants or jean capri's on a hot summer day!
Axiom...sale price $24.99)

this dress is very light and gauzy...and will look smashing with my red capri's and tank top.
(Urban Outfitters..sale price $20.00)

this rose pink shirt is so pretty and looks nice with a green or brown tank underneath.
(Urban Outfitters...sale price 12.49)

a nice kelly green v-neck sweater - very light, perfect for a breezy evening or when i feel a chill from over air-conditioned rooms.

this ecru lace and peach frock is great paired with jeans or tights.
(Urban Outfitters...sale price $17.50)

I got almost everything on sale (yee haw!) and i saved alot of moolah since they were 1/2 off prices....i just love sales!
I did'nt get the shoes or pants i needed, okay...Wanted....but there's always next trip.

23 April 2007

My featured Etsy designer is.....

onegirl designworks. Here are some examples of her amazing designs...

Here is an interview with Leslie:

Q. Where were you born? And live now?
A. I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and moved to Vancouver, Canada when I was 26. There I met a fabulous curly-haired carpenter from Australia and now, 5 years later, I happily call Melbourne home.

Q. What is your marital status?pets?children?
A. Married to the carpenter with a 10 month old dachshund puppy called Baxter.

Q. How long have you been doing your designs?
A. My current designs are constantly evolving as I spent many, many years just making the same thing over and over again (hand-boundleather books). Now I'm much happier producing one of a kind creations and having the opportunity to try out new ideas on a whim.

Q. Why do you love your craft?
A. I honestly feel a restless desire to create. It ebbs and flows but is more or less always present and hard to focus into just one area. I love being able to jump from area to area, creating entirely different products along the way. I currently have sewn, knit, resin jewellery,pattern design and photography projects all on the go at the sametime.

Q. What /Who are your inspirations?
A. I really have so many inspirations but nature would have to be the biggest. I'm constantly picking up treasures - on the beach, my dailywalk, in photography form. The colours and textures of Australian flora are especially inspiring.

Q. What would you like to do 5 years from now?
A. I'd love to have my own self supporting studio, creating whatever strikes my fancy but on a full-time basis. I'm finding the balance between working full-time, creating part-time and having a fulfillinglife in between a real struggle lately and dream of the days when I hopefully can spend a full 8 - 10 hours a day on designing for myself and cruising around the internet.

Q. What are your interests and other hobbies?
A. Aside from the 200 crafts I'm interested in, my one true love is thrift/antique shopping, I especially love to hit a few country towns for the really good treasures. My other future dream is to spend my days attending auctions and estate sales and then reselling on eBay once my own house is full to the brim.

Q. Would you rather shop for clothes/accessories/shoes or decorate andshop for your home?
A. Ooooooh... tough question. Probably clothes as I always get a bit of sticker shock when looking for house items, except when I'm thriftshopping... Oh, I don't know, I'm a bit of a sucker for shopping of all kinds, I guess!

Q. Do you love to listen to music while you work? What do you liketo listen to?
A. I usually "listen" to the tv while I create, it's a bit of a habitI got into while living on my own and am finding it hard to break.When the cricket is on, however, you will most likely find me tuckedaway in my craft room listening to The Shins, Ben Folds, Stars, NekoCase, Young & Sexy or any one of a hundred other similar bands.

Q. what is your chinese zodiac sign, eg. Year of…..?
A. Scorpio through and through. I think year of the rabbit?

Q. Favorite foods/drinks?
A. Mmmmmm, food. Pretty big fan of most food, especially Japanese andMexican... Smart Food cheese popcorn is pretty high on the list eventhough I can't get it in Australia... I used to be a big beer drinker(Big Rock Grasshopper whilst in Canada) but the past few years haveseen a huge move towards red wine (had some stunning Oomoo Shiraz justthe other night).

Q. dog or cat person?
A. I'm an all animal person, except maybe guinea pigs. They freak me out a bit.

Thank-you Leslie, for sharing your story! I will be featuring fellow Etsyian artists/designers regularly, since there are so many wonderfully creative people there. If you wish to see more of Leslie's work, please have a look at her Etsy shop . Visit her blog: onegirldesignwrks and Etsy shop.

20 April 2007

flowers and kitties

I am taking photos of the progress of the flowers in the front and back yard...here's what it looks like on this sunny and glorious day:

and in the bathroom, the flowers are already blooming..

blue hyacinth and campenellas

'P' for photography and Patricia, it's also part of the letters that spell 'SPA'...

Eddie likes to hang out with me while i'm in the bathroom....

don't worry, guests. I won't give you the towel he is lying on...you'll get one from underneath! He waits for me while i shower, or do other things....ahem....you know like put on make-up or wash my face. I love having flowers on my windowsill now...this hyacinth is so fragrant i don't need bathroom spray (ahhhhh, non-chemical scents) and the campanellas (that's what i think they're called, unless someone can correct me) are so pretty and long-lasting...i seem to be especially fond of purple flora lately and i'm anxiously awaiting the blooming of the crocuses outside....they are coming up the quickest i think.

Stay tuned for a post on my next featured Etsy artist. Sorry leslie, i've been caught up with other stuff lately, but i have'nt forgotton about you :)

Archie and Eddie enjoying the breeze!

16 April 2007

Tea with the Queen Mother...

.......was marvelous! Steve, the Queen Mum and I decided to have tea at the tearoom in the village of Brooklin, just a ten min. drive north of the city. The owner says the house was built in the 1860's, and it was as delighful as a tearoom could be.

the Queen mum and Steven.

i loved the purplish iridescent little teapot

a tearoom upstairs for little ones.

3 rooms upstairs with antiques and quilts for sale.

this wee brass tea collection was sweet!

a lovely table for two by the hearth.

Steve had the cream of asparagus soup, it was the most delicious soup i have ever had!

our server, preparing our tea. note the cute tea sign.

i ordered the 'high tea' which included delectable crustless sandwiches, pink salmon, cucumber and cream cheese and egg salad, a scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream....yum! and a selection of desserts, a tiny chocolate cheescake, butter tart, lemon cake and a lemon curd tartlet with fresh strawberries.

pretty rose tea set.

the tearoom featured three rooms for dining.

and the restroom had a place to rest...with a book.

our table with pretty tea cups and pink carnations.

the Queen order coffee, alas, she was not a tea drinker!

next door was the cutest little bakery shop.

we bought a cherry pie to bring home.

a lovely day in the village for the three of us.

13 April 2007

After the dinner...

I forgot to post a few photos of the Easter dinner.....so here are a few:

Easter lilies....

Mama and brother Tom watching hockey while waiting for dindin..

close-up of my pretty wine glasses....

the main event: prime rib....

my pretty bouquet of Easter posies....
tulip close-up....
my pretty green table.....
my mother gave me her good china which i always use for big dinners....

sis Cathy with lil' baby Archie...awwww!

Sorry, i did'nt take pics of the food on the table...dummy me forgot to take em. Oh well. The food did turn out pretty derned good, if i do say so myself and i thank big sis, Cathy for the help, since i was inexperienced with cooking Prime rib. Dessert was delicious too, but alas i was too lazy to bake the pie myself....i got it at a farm nearby that bakes the yummiest Carmel Apple Crisp pies.

So all in all another fab family dinner...and fun with everyone, esp. watching America's Funniest Home videos!

07 April 2007

Happy Easter!

Oh, pretty narcissus! You know how much i love my fresh flowers... i bought some more red tulips, purple iris and yellow lilies for my dinner table bouquet! How glorious they look together, a very lovely color combination. I'm even debating whether i should run over to the corner store for african violets for my bathroom window!! I'm such a flower freak! You may have noticed the ticker at the top of the page here... it's my countdown to spring flowers. Steve and i planted a kazillion or so bulbs last fall, and i'm pleased to say that they are starting to come up. We planted purple crocuses, orange tulips, daffs and i think some hyacinth too! I can't quite remember all that i planted but i know we were out half the day diggin the ground in the front and back yards. It's more work than i imagined, and we also sprinkled garlic powder in each little hole to ward off those pesky but cute squirrel monkies! I thank Margaret, the English lady across the road for that helpful tip. She also said that the flowers should come up by the beginning of May, hence the ticker i posted.
So, I'm a busy bee right now, i have to finish cleaning the house and readying for guests tomorrow. I'm serving Prime Rib Roast with jus, maple-glazed carrots, green bean with sliced almonds, garlic mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding (my first time for that recipe). Also, for dessert, Carmel Apple Cranberry Crisp Pie with vanilla ice cream. Yum Yum! I hope to report a successful feast to you later. I always feel a tad anxious, since i find it a challenge to cook everything to perfection and the timing of the dishes plus having to chat with guests which i find very distracting. As much as i love to entertain, i do like to have 'my space' while i prepare a big dinner.... it's just my way, i guess. So, I do hope it all goes swimmingly.

Here is the special project i was working on for Easter. Introducing my new bunnies, Rupert Rabbit and Beatrice Buttercup. I sent Rupert to Boston to live with my nephew Callum, his newest bestest friend. I hope they have bunches of fun together. I decided to keep Beatrice Buttercup for myself, since i grew quite fond of her sitting on my sofa in my crafting room. She sits there and tells me not to forget to bring her a carrot the next time i go to the kitchen for my tea and cookies.

the tail end of bunnies R & B!

here are two more little snuggle bunnies!


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