28 July 2010

Prince Edward County trip

Spent a week in Prince Edward County, a gorgeous area located an hour and a half east of Toronto, and is home to Sandbanks Provincial Park, a great beach and dunes, plus it is a lovely vicinity to explore the area which is full of wineries, picturesque country and little towns that boast great restaurants, shops and antiques. We has a cottage rental for one week in which to relax, and enjoy the country.
I got a nice shot of some horses backsides, tails swishing.

The storm clouds make for a dramatic lake and sky photo.

The storm bypassed, and we ventured country roads viewing farm fields on one side, lake shores on the other, in search of a goats cheese farm and Cider house.
This playground contraption, sometimes called The Witch's hat, was bolted so we could't move it. I remember playing on them as a kid in the sixties and seventies. Most of them are long gone, so i was amazed to find one.

Photos taken from a ferry. The area is known as lake-on-the-mountain.

other ferry view.

Quaint town hall.

Prince Edward County boasts 26 wineries. The soil is comparable to many European vineyards, making for some great wines!

Apple Orchard.
View from the cottage/house we stayed at. The area beyond belongs to an Ostrich farm. I kept looking for some, but disappointingly, never did see not a one!

This is Birdhouse City, home to a bunch of condos for the area bird population. There must have been at least 50 or more of them!
Wonder how high the rent is?

This view is of Steve driving us past a giant apple. I wanted to stop for apple pie.

My next blog post will showcase some more highlights of the trip. Stay tuned!

14 July 2010

Like a bird in the sky

Ever wonder what it's like to fly? Then watch this amazing video from BBC of a falcon equipped with a camera. There are two settings...an ocean/cliff and then a forest. The forest scene reminds me of 'The Return of the Jedi' when they are zipping through the giant redwoods on land speeders.

This video is also accompanied with a great song by The Shocking Blue, the band from the late 60's/early 70's. They are best known for the song 'Venus'.

Enjoy! I certainly did, and have watched it many times. I recommend watching in full screen...click on You Tube icon in lower right hand corner.

05 July 2010


It is a heat wave right now. We will now paws...uhm..pause for awhile ...this week at least....and take it easy, while we crank up the air con and sip many cool drinks.

We have had major computer problems of late, and i won't bore you with the technical details....plus i have no idea how to explain it...i'm completely technically challenged...but suffice to say, all is now well, after nearly $600 and 8 days without being connected to the outside world. I now realize how much i adore having email, participating in a much-loved Etsy forum, youtube, and my mixpod! I missed them but i got along just fine, after my hands stopped shaking and trying to type while i was preparing dinner. I didn't much miss FaceBook or Twitter mind you...i find them quite a bore lately especially Twitter, although nice occasionally to check on friends with FaceBook.

Lulu is one hot doggie with this heat...no walksy palksy until after 6 or 7 pm!!

I had fun with picnik lately as you can see. Lulu is now a very cool happenin' doggie with her punky shades!


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