05 July 2010


It is a heat wave right now. We will now paws...uhm..pause for awhile ...this week at least....and take it easy, while we crank up the air con and sip many cool drinks.

We have had major computer problems of late, and i won't bore you with the technical details....plus i have no idea how to explain it...i'm completely technically challenged...but suffice to say, all is now well, after nearly $600 and 8 days without being connected to the outside world. I now realize how much i adore having email, participating in a much-loved Etsy forum, youtube, and my mixpod! I missed them but i got along just fine, after my hands stopped shaking and trying to type while i was preparing dinner. I didn't much miss FaceBook or Twitter mind you...i find them quite a bore lately especially Twitter, although nice occasionally to check on friends with FaceBook.

Lulu is one hot doggie with this heat...no walksy palksy until after 6 or 7 pm!!

I had fun with picnik lately as you can see. Lulu is now a very cool happenin' doggie with her punky shades!


MAB Jewelry said...

Glad your computer is all better. And aren't animals dramatic in the heat. The cats are more dramatic than I am, and that's saying something.

nathalie said...

oh Pat how cute are those pics! Yes, it sure is hot! Our air conditioning wasn't working for about 12 hours and we felt it. Glad it's working now! We will be spending the afternoon in the baby pool! Suzie still loves being outside but she doesn't stay very long, I'm too afraid for her.

FrumsGlass said...

Lulu looks great. I think she is cool and happening even without her picnik shades.

I'm loving the paw photo. I reminds me of the paw painting I have hanging on our wall.

I hope the rain storm we just had cool everything off, then heads your way. The humidity is no fun for man or his pets.

PonderandStitch said...

Awwww, I absolutely love kitty paws!! So cute. :D

I like when it's hot out but today is just a tad too much for me at 91 degrees (I have no air conditioning- blech!)..


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