23 August 2009

Life is a Beach!

I just returned from a week at a fabulous beachfront cottage on Lake Erie at Long Point Beach. I am still too lazy to chat about it so for now check these photos.

I frightened these rat birds by running into a bunch of them, and what do they do? Well, one of them gets it's revenge by pooping on my neck!!! Yuck!

The view from the our deck.

The view of the cottage from the beach.

Heaven on earth.

A beach scene.
Lots of walks along the water's edge.

Want to see more?

Go here: My vacation.

13 August 2009

furry fairy tales and a recipe for hot days

Would you care to hear a tail...ur....tale?

Once upon a time,

There was a girl dog named Princess Lulu, and a boy kitty named Prince Archiekins....

and they lived together in a magical white cottage in the kingdom of Whitby, beyond the forest of Torontario.

They weren't always this close you see.

Because in fact, at one time they were mortal enemies, since Prince Archie was banished to live in the tower when fair Princess Lulu first came to be in the cottage at the Queen's request.

At that time, and forever on, the Princess slept atop her 12 mattresses in the King and Queen's chamber...

while poor little Prince Archie had to sleep inside potato bins in the cottage's kitchen, and keep an eye out for the royal mice who sometimes had midnight parties there.

One day the Prince thought and thought, and decided he'd had a change of heart about the Princess....

and the Princess saw the Prince in a new light, and went to see where he was.

So they sat down to chat about how they could improve their relationship in the cottage...

and they decided to be best of friends for the sake of the Queen, because they both wanted to live happily ever after in the magical white cottage.


Later that day, the Queen was so hot and sweaty...urm...perspired, that she decided to make a refreshing beverage for herself.

She filled a glass with ice..

and added a bit of cream.

Then made a pot of coffee and let it cool down for 10 minutes.

She got some sweetened condensed milk....

and poured a big heaping tablespoon over the cream and ice.

and then stirred in the cooled down coffee, making a lot of noise with the ice cubes, and made a bit of a mess.

Voila! Iced Vietnamese Coffee for one. Fit for a sweaty Queen...urm....perspired.

And on a final note...

Princess Lulu is modeling her newest look.

The Bing Crosby/Woody Allen chapeau.


(see you after my trip to the cottage on Lake Erie....

one solid week of sun surf and sand, but hopefully no sunburn. )

08 August 2009

Cobourg Sandcastle Festival

Last weekend Steve and I attended the 4th Annual Cobourg Sand Castle Festival (just an hour and half east of Toronto). We went on the second day, the Sunday, but on Saturday night a light rain had fallen and distorted some of the exhibits, but luckily most held up well.
Jet skier......
Giant sea turtle...
Mexican temple....
Cute froggie....
A castle...well, one of many!

People castles...

Click here to see more in my Flikr photo set.

02 August 2009

Eddie's Garden

This is Eddie, my beautiful grey cat, who died too young at 14 yrs this past Christmas.

Steve and I decided to make the back of the yard a little memorial garden dedicated to Eddie.

We hopped in the car, and went to the gardening centre...there was a great sale on perennials and annuals ($.70 cents to a $1!) so i picked out $10 worth of plants.

We marked out a circle on top of where he lies beneath the ground, and tilled the ground, adding some topsoil, and did some edging. In a year or two it will be fuller and more colorful.

We put the annuals, some red and white petunias in the foreground, and the perennials, some blue lungwort...a purpley blue flower, spotted hawkseed and leopards bane - yellow flowers and also apurple cone flower at the back. The cat garden sculpture is in background, gently licking a paw. Eddie was a very gentle cat, a gentleman you might say.

The memorial garden is located right behind our Koi fish pond.

Looks like some pruning is needed here. Our long large backyard still needs lots more work...but we've come a long way already. Here's a photo of a few years ago:

cue the song 'Welcome to the Jungle' by Guns n Roses.

Anyone know this flower?

This overgrown area needs a bit of cutting back. We are not the greatest gardeners but we still have another month or so to improve things.

We just scored this swing on Craigslist.....i made the cushion cover, but i still have to add another section and put cushions on the back. We left the canopy off, since this area gets shade.

This is my little herb garden with basil, sage, thyme, rosemary and parsley. We have tons of mint at the side of the driveway.

Our front yard....lavender, lambs ears, purple bell flowers, and dwarf thyme.

Hydrangeas, coleus..

We also have potted impatiens and geraniums on the porch. I have to say gardening is work, hard work and sometimes dirty and sweaty work, but it sure is a labor of love!

Happy gardening folks..


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