23 August 2009

Life is a Beach!

I just returned from a week at a fabulous beachfront cottage on Lake Erie at Long Point Beach. I am still too lazy to chat about it so for now check these photos.

I frightened these rat birds by running into a bunch of them, and what do they do? Well, one of them gets it's revenge by pooping on my neck!!! Yuck!

The view from the our deck.

The view of the cottage from the beach.

Heaven on earth.

A beach scene.
Lots of walks along the water's edge.

Want to see more?

Go here: My vacation.


nathalie said...

Hi Pat,

just came back from there too. It was so nice but I think you had nicer weather than we had but it was still wonderful.

Eadaoin said...

looks like fun! except for getting seagull poo on your neck, that's not fun at all :( makes a funny story to tell though!

i got pooed on by a seagull my first day in college, i was not happy!

Audrey said...

Ok - now I'm jealous!! Those photo's are wonderful!! I'm stuck in Manitoba - no where near a beach.

Anonymous said...

brings back the memories of our childhood there

great photos

good you all had a blast!



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