22 March 2011

Mac n Cheese

One of my fave comfort foods...good ol' homemade mac n cheese. I make it at least once every couple of weeks. I steam broccoli to go with, and save some of the cheese sauce to drizzle over the broccoli..deelish!
Time to chow down.

Meet Mr. Mango. Steve drew a face on a mango to humor me. It made me laugh out loud, especially with his tongue sticking out. It was getting too shriveled to eat. We left it in the fruit bowl and he got more wrinkled with each day. Silliness is a big part of our lives, if you have'nt noticed.

This is Archie kitteh's fave place to snooze, next to the computer desk.

Lulu waiting patiently for me to walk her. Yes, i spend too much time on the computer at times.

Archie also naps at the foot of the computer chair, where he also enjoys tummy rubs.

Finally, nap time is over. Time to play with his catnip toy.


Stephanie said...

saving some of the cheese sauce for broccoli is genius!!

nathalie said...

ohhh yummy! That looks incredible! Liking the french cross too! Good wine!


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