04 August 2011

Let's play dress up your pooch

The other week i was sorting out my scarves seeing which ones i want to keep and give the rest to the Goodwill. Yes, i have too many. My Lulu beagle basset girl happened to be on the bed while i sorted and i decided to play a little dress-up. Usually she will not comply with having any kind of clothing on her, but i think she was so sleepy she didn't care. When she was around 6 months old i bought her a pink and brown hounds-tooth patterned sweater but when i attempted to put it on it was a real struggle. I tried numerous times and finally managed to get in on but she began to bite at the rear area and looked quite uncomfortable and not at all into sporting a fall sweater. I had thoughts of parading her down the street and have people oooh and ahhh at how cute she looked. Well, i found out that Lulu was not a dress-up pooch. Chihuahua's, Malties, toy poodles and other small breeds tend to tolerate being made to wear clothing. I contemplated a t-shirt that said 'Drama Queen', which Lulu happens to be, but my husband would be mortified to walk her with that on her backside. He insisted we have no pink, or rhinestones at all on her. I settled for a dark brown collar with little flowers in different colors. Steve was okay to walk her with that one though. So we both got what we wanted. Lulu couldn't' care less of course.

But anyhoo, i did have a little photo session fashion show with scarves ... luckily she didn't mind this time.

Pretty polka dots

Red and White bandana

This is an old tshirt of mine. She had it on for a full minute before she demanded me to take it off.

How cute is this??

Archie was spared the fashion show. He doesn't even wear a collar anymore because he kept losing them, most likely trying to get under fences in the backyard. I love this photo of him, albeit a bit blurry. He perfectly matches the Van Gogh chair.


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