19 April 2010

What's new you ask?

Not a whole lot these days. But i'm enjoying the spring flora which i sometimes keep by my kitchen windowsill.

and speaking of flora...this plant in my living room has sprouted a new bloom...and there hasn't been one in years!

Lots of tree and bushes are budding...

and Archie is enjoying the sunroom...he likes to rock and roll!

And Lulu is still waiting for your vote here:

Canadian Living 'Most Adorable Pet' Contest.

Voting is for the rest of April and you can vote and comment every day! Every little bit helps and we sure appreciate your Lulu love!

08 April 2010

Crocuses and BFF's

are everywhere! I'm seeing a lot of crocuses lately on my walks with Lulu....the hood is full of them, and those sweet little white flowers as well as tiny grape hyacinths.

Such a pretty purple, no?

Lulu and Archie are hanging out together a lot lately. They sure have come a long way since Lulu first joined our household... He hated her with a passion!

Now they are like best buds! Archie doesn't even mind if Lulu uses him as a pillow!

Steve took this photo the other day ....so darn sweet!


01 April 2010

Contest for

Most Lovable Pet!

I have entered my Lulu in a contest for Canadian Living Magazine. We sure would appreciate any votes cast for her! Go Lulu! The prize is $800 smackers so that should keep her stocked up with treats and toys for quite some time!


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