29 May 2007

litters n critters

What is Archie staring at so intently?

What is so darn interesting up there?

Why, it's new life!!!! Sally gave birth around a week ago and she had 4 beautiful healthy boys and girls. I believe there are two of each, just to keep it fair! I was thrilled to see the little baby robins! I watch Sally feed her brood often, since it's right outside the livingroom window. She feeds them constantly, she's a very busy mama at the moment!


I think we need some names. How about Doris (after Doris Day), Judy (Judy Garland). Are you guessing my theme here? Yes! Sweet singers! I love Doris Day especially! I am quite a fan actually! Now for the boys, perhaps, Frank (Frank Sinatra) and Fred (Fred Astaire, who i think has a very sweet voice). I went through a tap dancing phase, well, not me dancing, just watching Fred Astaire movies. I also went through a Marx brothers period.

Sally is watching me take the photo. She is a proud mama!

'Mummy, whats for dinner?' That birdie is Freddie i think!

Awwww! this is too sweet for words!

These photos were taken a week ago and some were from a few days ago, i swear they are growing by the second. They are overflowing the nest now. I think they need a bigger home soon!

26 May 2007

Textile Sale Goods!

I hopped the Go Train to Toronto yesterday (about 45 min ride into the city) to attend the annual Textile Yardage Sale at the Textile Museum. I've attended about 5 years now and i have to tell you it is an awesome event. Where else can you peruse literally hundreds upon hundreds of fabric swatches, rolls and scads of buttons, trims, vintage items, books, wool and yarn, patterns, craft stuff, sewing notions , whilst having fabric snatched out of your hand, getting pinned to a table with five rows of women behind you trying to get a peek at the goodies, not to mention getting elbowed, feet crushed, smelling somebodies unwashed hair in front of you, then lining up with hordes of women carrying overflowing armloads of treasures in the checkout line.

Let me tell you it ain't easy getting stuff without getting bruises and squashed toes. Next year i think i'll wear football gear and steel boots. ACK! But really, I do enjoy scoring neat stuff that will inspire to start sewing again. I've been so distracted with gardening lately, i've been ignoring my poor lonely sewing machine.......
so what do i plan to do with my new stash you ask?

use this bright and cheerful striped canvas to make cute summer bags, maybe nautical themed stencils printed over top......

these funky cherry and daisy pieces will make cute pockets for my bags or perhaps some cute change purses...

these are perfect for fall bags..........

scored some cute vintage buttons and an acrylic spool holder, i think.....could possibly hold rings too.

this embroidered vintage linen will look so cute on my dresser after i press it abit...

pretty pink satin ribbon...

i found 4 sewing and craft books...these two both have 'simple' in the titles, i likee that!

these have lots of cute projects...

I then dragged my loot over to City Hall area where there is a huge fountain and lots of tourists and a stage, where tap dancers, young and old, were entertaining folks in colorful glittery costumes, the colors intensified in the blazing sun...it was muggy and hot!!! After 10 minutes sitting and watching cute pixieish little girls vigourously tapping away with permasmiles, and with no protection, spf or hat or umbrella i spotted a Starbucks nearby and thought i would treat myself to a yummy overpriced frappacino for my parched mouth. OH MY....you must go and get yourself an Orange Mocha frap!!!! It is the most delicious concoction, creamy chocolatey orange cold and deeeeelicious...and they top it with whipped cream( 1000 calories, me thinks) and that was my lunch people!! I practically needed to take out a mortgage, who thinks i'm right? Yes, they are pricey but a must in the summer months. Next time no whipped cream, since my pants are getting tighter! So i caught an early train back to beat the crowded commuter trains, even though it would have been nice stay longer...but i was all shopped out anyway and was anxious to start some new projects....i will post about soon!

23 May 2007

Victoria Day bbq

This tulip is so beautiful, it's all by it's lonesome at the far end of our yard behind the shed, a beauty in hiding!

Here is my Victoria Day bbq with my brother and his wife and my other brother from Toronto and Susi, a friend. Steve took the photo. We are enjoying Angus burgers, corn-on-cob, potato salad, raddichio and bean salad. It was so sunny and warm, and we brought the table from the shade into the sun. I forgot to wear my spf and got a bit of a burn, nothing too bad though! Should of at least put on a hat i guess!

these children climbing a tree...

After our bbq we all went to Lynde Shores, a conservation area nearby and walked around talking, taking photos of nature, feeding chipmunks. We even were lucky enough to spot a tiny woodpecker high in the treetops, busily pecking away at the tree - just amazing to see!!

My brothers were taking shots of trillium flowers, the provincial flower of Ontario.

These cute kiddies all had their fishing poles dipped in the marsh....

A lovely green sea of ferns....

a pinky purple birdhouse...........

beautiful swan floating elegantly...........

so many trilliums!

It was a lovely Victoria day! We came back after our nature walk and had watermelon and Apple Cranberry Crisp Pie with Praline ice cream (delicious) and had tea and coffee in the backyard. I had a nice time visiting with everyone and catching up with the details of their lives. It's been awhile since we were together since my brother and his wife live so far away (Baltimore). I wish my family were closer in approximity, I've got a sister in Regina, Saskatchewan, another sister in Boston and another brother in Guelph, who lives near my Mother, which luckily is only a few hours away. I would love to see them more often, but i guess that's the way it is for alot of families, who move away for their jobs or other circumstances. Those who have their families near to them are the lucky ones, so count that as a true blessing!

20 May 2007

So, lately.....

i picked some pretty lilac - smells amazing! Our lilac tree went on strike this spring so i got these from a neighbour....does anyone know why our lilac tree did'nt bloom? We have two trees and we only got one bloom at the very top....... I'm very disappointed but oh well!

Do you see a little monkey above? A cute one at that, my little Archie!

Steven bought me these lovely flowers for no special reason.....he's so sweet!

pink roses are my favorite!

I took another photos of the nest and now there are 4 eggies!! How wonderful! I cannot wait to see the baby birdies sticking their hungry heads up out of the nest, and chirping sweetly!

I love sitting on the porch to watch Sally the robin and the tulips.....i feel so lucky to have a porch! I've been asking Steven to get a porch swing, the old-fashioned kind....

I potted some geraniums and begonias for the porch.....

i bought some adorable mirrors with hooks at Urban Outfitters:
this lovely birdie.....

and this Marie Antoinette-ish one!

so very pretty! They were on sale for a mere $5!!


I have been too busy to blog lately, with lots of spring cleaning - clearing cobwebs, cleaning every square inch of the kitchen, washing windows, dusting shelves...its' exhausting! I feel so glad that i'm almost finished though, so i can get back to work in the studio and some more kookyhandbags; i'm gearing up to make some more wristlets and charming gemstone keychains. I'm just itching to get back to the sewing machine and make some stuff...my creative juices are bubbling over with anticipation.
Also, we've been entertaining alot - last night we had friends over for bbq - salmon with a maple chili glaze, grilled red pepper and asparagus, grilled pineapple, tomato and potatoes and our guests brought a lovely rhubarb crisp with frozen vanilla yoghurt! It was tres yummy! Blair tryed to get us to play charades afterwards but we were a bunch of spoilsports! Poor Blair!
Tonight we had Steve's dad over for dinner and tomorrow my brother and his wife from Baltimore plus my other brother from Toronto and a close friend are coming for our third bbq in a row - i just finished making potato salad and iced tea with lemon, then we will serve Angus beef burgers with corn on the cob, watermelon, and apple pie with praline ice cream...can't wait! I have'nt seen my brother and his wife in over a year so we have some catching up to do!
Happy Victoria Day!

15 May 2007

spring flowers

For today's post i thought i would show off my flowers for you all to enjoy!

the pink tulips are my favorite...

these red ones are pretty nice too!

the front yard tulips....

love the orange tipped yellow tulips

more backyard photos....

this color reminds me of a plum

i just planted some wildflower seeds in this bed...

my kitchen window tulip.
So, the weekend coming up is when everybody wants to buy and plant all their annuals...and since it gets way too busy at the gardening centres we will wait another week, besides i'm still enjoying my spring flowers!
I also potted a bunch of containers for the front porch which i will post some time this week.
Hope you liked my flower show and you did'nt fall asleep reading this post (a bit boring today). Ha!
I also wanted to mention that i am going to be an Auntie for the 4th time!! How exciting for Bobby, Callum and sis Carol! Congratulations to them! Hope the pregnancy goes well little sis!


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