30 November 2006

Dear Santa...

I snapped this photo in the Beaches area, Queen St. E.

So Steve said I could make a list of stuff I want for Christmas. He said he'll choose what to get, and to list as much as stuff as I like. Of course, I won't get everything on the list but hey, this is gonna be fun.

So, here is my list:

  1. for the kitchen. I know I'm being very wishful here.

  2. for my cookbook collection. These desserts made me drool.

  3. for my interior design book collection. I so love country shabby chic.

  4. for my hair and this. To conquer my bad hair days and cuz my current dryer sucks.

This is what I came up with, thus far, more to come...

Toronto Eaton Centre, last Christmas

29 November 2006

Wacky Wednesday!

Island Girl
Originally uploaded by Fluffystuff.

Cue the Hawaiian music. The only thing missing is a lei around her neck.
I sure get a kick outa looking at my LOL cat group on Flickr.

Wacky Wednesday!

Fashionable Cat
Originally uploaded by blinked.

This is just too silly but funny too. Hope it did'nt squish her ears too much.

28 November 2006

Eddie is enjoying this basket by our front door, he just barely fits inside. He looks so cosy and contented.

Archie wants to get in the basket with Eddie but alas, there is no room. They usually sleep together on the sofa or the ottoman, they love to cosy up to one another. I love to watch them sleeping, they look so sweet and peaceful.
Lately Archie enjoys lying next to the fireplace, he just loves the heat from it, although Eddie has shown no interest at all. I've been enjoying the fireplace when I get a chill. It really warms up the room nicely and I like to sit right next to it with my cup of tea, until I'm warmed up. I'll be happy sitting by and watching the fireplace this winter, for sure.

21 November 2006

Unusual products

Ok now I've seen the funniest and weirdest craft ever. This knitted poop and toliet paper. Great gag gift for a friend who appreciates toliet humor. But they are cute!

Has anyone tried this new coke product. Whoa! Is it ever sweet. They've brought coffee and coke together for one helluva caffeine kick. This drink is guaranteed to keep you awake for 24 hours. They were handing them out for free downtown and I tried one. Way too sweet for me. Holy aspartame batman!

20 November 2006

Fuzz Ball!!

Whoa! Now that is one FuZzy BuNnY!!!!!!! The poor thing could use a little bang trimming. I don't know if I could handle all the shedding, or brushing for that matter. My two cats are enough, thank you very much. As it is, I'm constantly picking my cat hair from Eddie and Archie. I try to brush them regularly, but sometimes forget to. Eddie loves getting brushed and will sit forever for it, while Archie will try to grab the brush and pull hair out to try to eat. YUCK! Why do cats do this?? Every so often, about once a month, Eddie will hack up a huge cigar-like furball. It's always a treat to step in that! Icky poohy! Actually, I'd love to get a bunny, a holland lop eared one, but sigh, Steve says no way. First of all, we don't have room for a cage, since our basement has tenants. Second, I don't know if the bunny would get along with my cats. Oh well, maybe one day.... and I also dream of getting my own little weiner dog. Oh, how I adore those cute little daschunds with the funny tail that looks like a windshield wiper on high speed. There's just something about them, I just get excited when I see one. I would probably get out for walks more, which I need to do. I think it would be nice to have a girl dog, named Coco, since my cats are boys. We could use more girl power in this household, since I'm outnumbered 3 to 1 here. Someday......

Here's a photo of one I loved at Woofstock in July:

17 November 2006

Fashion Friday

Dahh-lings! Here's are a few more fall fashion pics for your viewing enjoyment!
Today, I chose to show a few coats and sweaters that I admired. I don't think I would wear this leopard print coat, but Wowsa, it sure is glam!

Now this one is more my style.
Is'nt this red herringbone coat absolutely adorable. Love the big buttons too!

Here we have some lovely sweaters in pink and brown - absolutely lovin' the striped cardigan!

And finally, we have Steve in a vintage bomber jacket, it is actually made from horse hide, according to the shop owner. Poor horsey! But Steve looks fab in it.

What item on this page is your favorite? Mine is the red coat which would look great with my knee high black leather boots.

16 November 2006

Queen St.

So, continuing with the Queen St. jaunt, I took this picture of Romni Wool shop from the streetcar. Nathalie, here is what I think is the best shop in the city for wool and yarn.

I love this sculpture made up of vivid blue sticks......

The Cameron House bar changes their mural every year, this is what they just painted recently.

Then later, while walking east towards the Beaches area, I saw this great shop with a fantastic window display in pink and black with a french poodle scheme. This color combination is just so elegant and fun.

and finally, this nose caught my attention, looks like a restaurant or cafe, although it was closed and there was no menu on the window.

15 November 2006

Yesterday, I walked quite a ways on Queen St. and snapped some photos, here and there. I felt particularly drawn to any bits of nature I came upon such as these pretty flowers...........

a pumpkin nestled in a vine..............

a rose...........

a huge tree, possibly a weeping willow.....................

a beautiful orange bush................

Is'nt fall wonderful?
Hope you enjoyed these photos, stay tuned for more photos from Queen st, of interesting stores that grabbed my attention.

14 November 2006

Up close and purrs-onal

Who could resist a face like this
Originally uploaded by toastie97.

So I'm back from the big smoke, as Toronto is sometimes called, and I'm gettin' ready to start some new creative projects and hopefully make some dough from it. I've just joined Etsy.com and I'm hoping that will be a success for me as well.
I took alot of photos today while walking through Leslieville and The Beaches and was inspired by alot of cool stuff. I'll be putting them on my blog tomorrow and the rest of the week.

09 November 2006

birthday sup

Dinner out last night was very nice. There was only two choices for each course which was not great. The dessert was abit disappointing, chocolate mousse of an odd texture and too cold. Steve thought the portions too skimpy and the menu uninspiring. Had caesar salad, salmon and grilled veggies, and potato tart(very good but very tiny piece) . Oh well, C'est la vie. We liked the atmosphere there though and the service very good. The man at the next table overheard it was my birthday and bought me a celebratory liquer. Verythoughtful! The live jazz was awesome, a duo - bassist and piano, and the place was packed and very lively for a Wednesday evening. Some of the patrons were french as well as the owners and it almost felt like we were in France! Oui, oui!

08 November 2006

kitty paddle?

So the 'Nice' bistro tonight for my birthday dinner, hope they have a nice rich chocolate gateau, it will just be a nice, intimate dinner for me and Steve, and tonight is live jazz night! Will tell you all about the dinner tomorrow, mon ami!

07 November 2006

Chataigne at breakfast

Chataigne at breakfast
Originally uploaded by isazappy.

Now I know how much kitties love to play or sit in boxes but this is ridiculous! I hope that box was empty cos I don't think I'd want cat hair in my Special K!

06 November 2006


Originally uploaded by stacecom.

Sprite the cat, at the end of a yawn. Hilarity ensued. I needed a little comic relief so I went to Flikr to my LOL cat group. This gave me a good giggle

05 November 2006


Some of you who come to this blog may have wondered why I have'nt written anything for a week. Well, Steve and I had a tramatic week here. Steve's Mother passed away on Oct. 31 in the morning. She had been in a nursing home for 9 years because of a stroke and a few weeks ago became ill with pnemonia. Unfortunately, she was'nt strong enough to recover from the pnemonia and did'nt survive. We are exhausted from the funeral and the sadness but we are glad that she is no longer suffering and is at peace now. I had known her for 6 years and I had really grown to love her and care for her immensely. She was a lovely, beautiful lady and we are really going to miss her.
This is an old photo of Ann.


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