20 November 2006

Fuzz Ball!!

Whoa! Now that is one FuZzy BuNnY!!!!!!! The poor thing could use a little bang trimming. I don't know if I could handle all the shedding, or brushing for that matter. My two cats are enough, thank you very much. As it is, I'm constantly picking my cat hair from Eddie and Archie. I try to brush them regularly, but sometimes forget to. Eddie loves getting brushed and will sit forever for it, while Archie will try to grab the brush and pull hair out to try to eat. YUCK! Why do cats do this?? Every so often, about once a month, Eddie will hack up a huge cigar-like furball. It's always a treat to step in that! Icky poohy! Actually, I'd love to get a bunny, a holland lop eared one, but sigh, Steve says no way. First of all, we don't have room for a cage, since our basement has tenants. Second, I don't know if the bunny would get along with my cats. Oh well, maybe one day.... and I also dream of getting my own little weiner dog. Oh, how I adore those cute little daschunds with the funny tail that looks like a windshield wiper on high speed. There's just something about them, I just get excited when I see one. I would probably get out for walks more, which I need to do. I think it would be nice to have a girl dog, named Coco, since my cats are boys. We could use more girl power in this household, since I'm outnumbered 3 to 1 here. Someday......

Here's a photo of one I loved at Woofstock in July:


Three Little Ladies Rabbitry said...

holland lops are awesome. I hope you can get one some day. We have about 40 plus some dutch and some jersey wooly. Stop by and visit with us some time at http://www.threelittleladeisrabbitry.com If you ever can convince Steve to let you have one of these great rabbits we usually have a few available.

Tricia said...

Thanks TLLB for your comment. Please feel free to stop by anytime:)
BTW, how did you come across my blog?


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