17 November 2006

Fashion Friday

Dahh-lings! Here's are a few more fall fashion pics for your viewing enjoyment!
Today, I chose to show a few coats and sweaters that I admired. I don't think I would wear this leopard print coat, but Wowsa, it sure is glam!

Now this one is more my style.
Is'nt this red herringbone coat absolutely adorable. Love the big buttons too!

Here we have some lovely sweaters in pink and brown - absolutely lovin' the striped cardigan!

And finally, we have Steve in a vintage bomber jacket, it is actually made from horse hide, according to the shop owner. Poor horsey! But Steve looks fab in it.

What item on this page is your favorite? Mine is the red coat which would look great with my knee high black leather boots.

1 comment:

n said...

hi P, I really like the red coat too. Yes, S's jacket suits him perfectly! Hope you had a nice weekend!


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