16 November 2006

Queen St.

So, continuing with the Queen St. jaunt, I took this picture of Romni Wool shop from the streetcar. Nathalie, here is what I think is the best shop in the city for wool and yarn.

I love this sculpture made up of vivid blue sticks......

The Cameron House bar changes their mural every year, this is what they just painted recently.

Then later, while walking east towards the Beaches area, I saw this great shop with a fantastic window display in pink and black with a french poodle scheme. This color combination is just so elegant and fun.

and finally, this nose caught my attention, looks like a restaurant or cafe, although it was closed and there was no menu on the window.


n said...

Thanks Pat, I'll be sure to go to that wool store next time I'm in TO. Maybe we could meet there one day!?

Tricia said...

It's a date Nat, and after we get some beautiful wool, we'll head over to Dufflets cafe bakery for gateau and cafe latte.


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