22 September 2006

like/don't like

things I like:
  1. tea and coffee
  2. the sun shining through the window
  3. Christmas
  4. cute animals
  5. thunderstorms
  6. learning new things
  7. kooky people
  8. baked goods
  9. flowers
  10. big sales

thing I don't like:

  1. liver and onions
  2. being cold
  3. Jan. 2
  4. snakes
  5. blizzards
  6. vacuuming
  7. mean people
  8. when a recipe turns out bad
  9. when my plants die
  10. paying bills

21 September 2006

spare time

Spare time, is there ever enough? I wish! There are so many things I love to do in my spare time and here are a few of them. In Toronto we have a historic warehouse area with many galleries and shops including this gorgeous cafe called Balzac's. This is easily my fave place to enjoy a coffee and a yummy pastry. In this photo my mother and I are sitting below the Cafe Collas poster.

One Balzac's blend and a chocolate croissant please!

At the distillery there are so many wonderful galleries, and the quality of work is awe-inspiring. I would love to paint again one day. I used to paint with acrylics in college and quite enjoyed it.

I enjoy a good movie as much as the next person whether it's watching a Dvd on Steve's new Hd tv (Guess which movie this is?)or going to the movie theatre and munching on popcorn with ketchup seasoning and a 2-litre soda once in a while even though we practially have to put a 2nd mortgage on the house to do so.

Shop til you drop is my motto, but I definetely could use a fatter wallet and a platinum Visa. I do have fun just window shopping and wishing......sigh.
Other activities I enjoy are:
  1. Scrabble
  2. reading a good book or magazine
  3. antiquing
  4. photography
  5. walking along the trail on Lake Ontario
  6. people watching
  7. blogging - my newest hobby
  8. crafting
  9. skating
  10. gardening
  11. emailing friends and family
  12. hanging out with my boys, Steve, Eddie and Archi

20 September 2006


How I love to go antiquing. I found this pretty sugar bowl from a tea service at the local thrift store the other day. It now holds my sugar packets for tea and coffee. Someday I would love to find a silver or silver plated tea pot and creamer to add to my collection. I have a silver tray already that I got a few years ago. I also got these groovy cereal bowls - I love the colors and flower pattern - must be 60's or 70's. I bought the green coffee pot at an antique market for a mere $5 bucks, sometimes I put fresh flowers in it. Steve found these great old coffee tins which look nice with the green coffee pot. It gives me a little thrill to find treasures at thrift stores and garage sales. I've got some wonderful things from garbage picking too. In the past some of the treasures I found on the street are: an old sewing table that I use as a bedside table, it's a bit shabby chic; a heavy oak arm chair painted a lovely vintagey green-also very shabby chic; an antique mantle with mirror that now holds all my family photos in frames and various knick knacks; a teak 70's armless chair with a cushioned seat in a red/green paisley material; an old medicine cabinet with a gold gilded mirror that we are going to put in the bathroom eventually.

Recently I've bought some antiques from Ebay. A couple of tea cups, an antique alarm clock from Hungary and a 1963 pink radio that ended up costing far too much money after paying all the charges and duty plus the delivery which I had to pay for twice. So I have to be careful from now on - some things end up costing alot more especially when I buy American items.

19 September 2006

What do I love?

I love.......
my cats.....


the beach.....

good food....

my green glass collection......

kooky imagery...

spending time in my garden......

and Steve.

17 September 2006

beautiful flowers

Originally uploaded by kooky2.

My honey came home with these for me the other day. Is'nt he swell!

It's a cyclamen and should do ok inside. The leaf pattern is so interesting.

I just love looking at them while eating dinner and they are very complimentary to the wall color and plant pot,
n'est pas?

pleasant port whitby sunday

Went to Vandemeers garden centre and admired the pumpkins.......

love these lily pads..........

the koi fish thought I was going to feed them......

checked out these funky plants and sun twirlers......

took a walk at the conservation area .......

said hello to this cute squirrel and these ducks....

then went back home and planted this hydranga bush........

Hope you enjoyed our sunday. We did!

15 September 2006

Archie's kitchen

Archie wants to help make

He then inspects the corn.

Archie decides to taste the corn.
Yuck, it's dried out. "No good", he declares.

Archie checks the watermelon for ripeness.

then joins Eddie for din din.
The end.

14 September 2006

Fleas! Puh-leese!

Oh no! I found a flea on Eddie and we're trying to figure out how they got in the house. Eddie and Archie don't seem to be scratching themselves any more that normal so it's not a bad infestation. It's either the neighbour cat we were petting on Sunday or the tenant's bunny rabbits (in our basement). They just got 2 rabbits last week and they brought over a dog for the day, so we're not sure which is the culprit. All I know is that I have half a dozen itchy and painful bites on my legs and ankle and they're driving me insane. I want to scratch soooo bad but I know it will only make them worse and maybe get infected. We bought some hyrocortazone cream for me and a bunch of flea control products ( final tab = $56 ). Now I have to vacuum the entire house thoroughly, wash all the blankets and pillows the cats lie on, including our bedding and spray this stuff everywhere. Last night we lathered the cats up with this mousse that's supposed to kill the fleas on them, and today we apply a serum to their neck area which should kill any eggs. The pet store said 10 fleas could multipy to tons more in a month. I am exhausted from cleaning everthing and my bites are very uncomfortable. I must have had an allergic reaction to the bites cos I have rashes all over my legs and I am in agony. ARRRGGGG! I am not a happy camper right now. Steve didn't get one bite. NOT ONE!! I guess they don't care for his blood type. Lucky me! I guess because Eddie is always in my lap I was a likely victim. I just hope I don't get any more bites, pleeeaaasssseee! People, do not pet strange dogs or cats in the street - you may be sorry - and if you bring a new animal in the house, do make sure they have been checked out for fleas. Lets hope this problem will clear up soon.

11 September 2006

Our weekend

Yea! Our backyard has finally been landscaped. The jungle has disappeared and now we have grass and all the
trees have been pruned, dead trees removed, letting alot more light into the house - a major bonus, since I
love lots of sun in the house as do the cats. Here is the before and after.

Our backyard is looking amazing now, nearly two thousand dollars later. Ouch!
We met our neighbour across the street, Margaret, an older English lady, very charming and fun, and her tabby Ulysses. She introduced us to her dancing partner, Roy, a nice older chap, I wonder if they're more than dancing partners. Hmmmmmmm. Anyway, she came to look at our landscaping, and then showed us her garden, of which I took lots pictures. She gave us some cuttings, forget-me-nots, white lilies, sedum and catnip. She is giving us black eye susans and more flowers next year. I'm glad we have her as a neighbour, since she can teach me some gardening stuff and she's soooooo nice. I'll have to bake her something nice as a thank-you for the cuttings.
<Ulysses the cat in Margarets' garden.
On Sat. we went to Brooklin, a small town just 10 min. north of Whitby for a Flower sale and show. A church sold bulbs - we got some yellow iris bulbs, some purple tulip bulbs and a lady sold us some alchemilla (Ladie's Mantle). We wandered around and found a couple of antique stores, one very over-priced, the other under-stocked but cute - part of a tea room actually. I will have to bring my mom there for a cuppa tea the next time she visits us. There was a teeny tiny bakery in cute little cottagey house with the yummiest treats. We salviated over the cakes, chelsea buns, tarts, cookies and chose some pumpkin tarts and chocolate macaroons. MMmmmm!
We drove around some side streets admiring all the old, beautiful houses, then headed back home to find these monkeys in the sunroom but up to some cat bathing. Ahhhhhhhhh!

07 September 2006

Just Desserts

Oh boy, I'm having difficulty typing this as my cat Eddie is in my lap between my arms and simultaneously smoothing my hands and drooling. (He's an older cat and is prone to excessive saliva). Ok, now he is trying to lie down and is resting his head over my forearm which is making it a little easier to type. Eddie is such a lovable old coot, and follows me wherever I am in the house, jumping on my lap at every opportunity, even while, ahem, in the bathroom. Eddie has decided to lie on top of the computer desk instead. Is'nt he adorable?

I've been putting on a bit of weight lately(pregnant??)I've been eating too many pies, tarts and cookies from the local Farmers Mk. I tend not to bake during the summer, because I love the pie ladies wares but I do plan to bake more in late October when Farmers' Mk. ends.

Check out these tasty treats>

I actually did bake a peach galette yesterday . It was pretty good, the pastry a tad tough to cut though, I cheated and used frozen puff pastry. It was mighty delish with praline ice cream, I must say. The produce at the Mk. was amazing, fresh peaches and cream corn, cukes, vine-ripened tomatoes, peppers. I made some gazpacho too, the flavors were so intense, it was similar to 'having a party in your mouth'. I usually make it at least once every summer, esp. since Steve loves gazpacho.

<my peach galette

Since the peaches were quite ripe, I thought it fitting to make a pie, but instead found this simple recipe for galette, which is very easy to make. The recipe was on the box for the puff pastry.

Here are a few more photos from my kitchen:

05 September 2006

A new season

On the verge of a new season, (how I love the change of seasons) I eagerly anticipate the return of my fave shows, Lost, Desperate Housewifes and Survivor. As much as I love watching repeats of Seinfeld, Roseanne, and Sex and the City, I'm just itching to see what happens next with the gals on Wisteria Lane, the dishelvelled aircrash survivors on that strange and fascinating island, and the new contestants (and Jeff Probst) on Survivor (Season ? I've lost count). Surprizingly I am still into Survivor and I've heard that the teams will be divided by race. That's kinda interesting but not quite politically correct, n'cest pas?
I'm also looking forward to new shows like 'Ugly Betty'.
The kids are all back to school now, parents are celebrating, the trees are beginning to color. Ahhhh, how I miss those school days, buying new fall clothes - pleated wool skirts and cordoroy pants, crisp cotton shirts and knit cardigans in rich jewel tone colors. I suddenly have the urge to run to the nearest Walmart and purchase stationary - slabs of lined paper, yellow pencils, bic pens, big pink erasers, multi-colored duo tangs and my favorite - colored pencil sets. I remember my red tartan pencil case, my plastic Scooby Doo lunch box (pre paper bags) and ..... okay, enough nostalgia already. Now, I'm hoping I can relive all this through my child (still hoping) someday. Someday.


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