11 September 2006

Our weekend

Yea! Our backyard has finally been landscaped. The jungle has disappeared and now we have grass and all the
trees have been pruned, dead trees removed, letting alot more light into the house - a major bonus, since I
love lots of sun in the house as do the cats. Here is the before and after.

Our backyard is looking amazing now, nearly two thousand dollars later. Ouch!
We met our neighbour across the street, Margaret, an older English lady, very charming and fun, and her tabby Ulysses. She introduced us to her dancing partner, Roy, a nice older chap, I wonder if they're more than dancing partners. Hmmmmmmm. Anyway, she came to look at our landscaping, and then showed us her garden, of which I took lots pictures. She gave us some cuttings, forget-me-nots, white lilies, sedum and catnip. She is giving us black eye susans and more flowers next year. I'm glad we have her as a neighbour, since she can teach me some gardening stuff and she's soooooo nice. I'll have to bake her something nice as a thank-you for the cuttings.
<Ulysses the cat in Margarets' garden.
On Sat. we went to Brooklin, a small town just 10 min. north of Whitby for a Flower sale and show. A church sold bulbs - we got some yellow iris bulbs, some purple tulip bulbs and a lady sold us some alchemilla (Ladie's Mantle). We wandered around and found a couple of antique stores, one very over-priced, the other under-stocked but cute - part of a tea room actually. I will have to bring my mom there for a cuppa tea the next time she visits us. There was a teeny tiny bakery in cute little cottagey house with the yummiest treats. We salviated over the cakes, chelsea buns, tarts, cookies and chose some pumpkin tarts and chocolate macaroons. MMmmmm!
We drove around some side streets admiring all the old, beautiful houses, then headed back home to find these monkeys in the sunroom but up to some cat bathing. Ahhhhhhhhh!


Anonymous said...

Hey there- what a difference- the garden looks great. You and Steve have done wonders. Hope you both will enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come. All those baked goods sounded so delicious- makes me want to start baking. I have a craving for eclairs with real pastry cream. The pics of the kitties were great too. I really enjoy your blogs- so descriptive. Bye for now, C.

victoria winters said...

Great improvement to your yard! And don't you just LOVE it when the cats are sweet with each other? :)

victoria winters said...

Hey! You have a bag named after me! :) :)

Tricia said...

I did use your name for one of my new bags cos I love that name alot and when I was describing the Victoria bag, I thought about your hobbies, photography and reading.

victoria winters said...

:) :)

Anonymous said...

what's a blog anyway????

Anonymous said...

just kidding.....again!

ellie said...

fun stuff, the cats sure are darling!

Anonymous said...

great yard, fun to create a space to relax and enjoy all year, flowers to snowmen!

carol said...

Wow, B and I think the yard looks really good, lots of work huh! But worth it for your own private oasis.

Hey, Oasis your fav band.

Have fun blogging!



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