07 September 2006

Just Desserts

Oh boy, I'm having difficulty typing this as my cat Eddie is in my lap between my arms and simultaneously smoothing my hands and drooling. (He's an older cat and is prone to excessive saliva). Ok, now he is trying to lie down and is resting his head over my forearm which is making it a little easier to type. Eddie is such a lovable old coot, and follows me wherever I am in the house, jumping on my lap at every opportunity, even while, ahem, in the bathroom. Eddie has decided to lie on top of the computer desk instead. Is'nt he adorable?

I've been putting on a bit of weight lately(pregnant??)I've been eating too many pies, tarts and cookies from the local Farmers Mk. I tend not to bake during the summer, because I love the pie ladies wares but I do plan to bake more in late October when Farmers' Mk. ends.

Check out these tasty treats>

I actually did bake a peach galette yesterday . It was pretty good, the pastry a tad tough to cut though, I cheated and used frozen puff pastry. It was mighty delish with praline ice cream, I must say. The produce at the Mk. was amazing, fresh peaches and cream corn, cukes, vine-ripened tomatoes, peppers. I made some gazpacho too, the flavors were so intense, it was similar to 'having a party in your mouth'. I usually make it at least once every summer, esp. since Steve loves gazpacho.

<my peach galette

Since the peaches were quite ripe, I thought it fitting to make a pie, but instead found this simple recipe for galette, which is very easy to make. The recipe was on the box for the puff pastry.

Here are a few more photos from my kitchen:


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat- I don't know how to do this- you may not get this. The peach pie- galette looked wonderful as do the tarts- I made some for Tom this summer- I do love butter tarts. Have a great day. CAthy

victoria winters said...

Yum! I'm hungry now. :)

What am I going to do when Neville gets old? He drools when I'm petting him as it is! (He's not even 2 yet.)

Tricia said...

VW - I guess some cats drool regardless of age, so I would'nt worry. My younger cat Archie never drools though and he's 4 now.
It sure is nice to get comments, I'm really getting into this blogging stuff.

victoria winters said...

It's addicting, let me warn you!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Very artistic! The comments, very funny and interesting.

I'm so hungry looking at those pictures, well maybe not the cat one!


Anonymous said...

what's a blog?

Anonymous said...

just kidding.......!


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