05 September 2006

A new season

On the verge of a new season, (how I love the change of seasons) I eagerly anticipate the return of my fave shows, Lost, Desperate Housewifes and Survivor. As much as I love watching repeats of Seinfeld, Roseanne, and Sex and the City, I'm just itching to see what happens next with the gals on Wisteria Lane, the dishelvelled aircrash survivors on that strange and fascinating island, and the new contestants (and Jeff Probst) on Survivor (Season ? I've lost count). Surprizingly I am still into Survivor and I've heard that the teams will be divided by race. That's kinda interesting but not quite politically correct, n'cest pas?
I'm also looking forward to new shows like 'Ugly Betty'.
The kids are all back to school now, parents are celebrating, the trees are beginning to color. Ahhhh, how I miss those school days, buying new fall clothes - pleated wool skirts and cordoroy pants, crisp cotton shirts and knit cardigans in rich jewel tone colors. I suddenly have the urge to run to the nearest Walmart and purchase stationary - slabs of lined paper, yellow pencils, bic pens, big pink erasers, multi-colored duo tangs and my favorite - colored pencil sets. I remember my red tartan pencil case, my plastic Scooby Doo lunch box (pre paper bags) and ..... okay, enough nostalgia already. Now, I'm hoping I can relive all this through my child (still hoping) someday. Someday.


victoria winters said...

I love you photo here - so beautiful! Fall is definitely my favorite season and I can't wait until TN catches on to the fact that it should be cooling down more and leaves should be changing.

I'm with you on the Lost desire! Can't wait. :)

Hang in there with the baby-making. I'm beginning to see how hard it can be (patience-wise). ;-/

Tricia said...

Thanks for the comment Victoria. I now understand why you love comments, it is nice to get them.
I actually had a weird dream about blogging last night - I was reading blogs endlessly.
Well, I just got my period - boo hoo hoo! Yeah, It can really test your patience, waiting to get pregnant. Try, try again, as they say!

victoria winters said...

It IS frustrating. I'm on day 20 or 21 (my calendar's at home) and my temp hasn't spiked yet, but I had all the signs that I ovulated between days 15-17 (side pain, cervical fluid). UGH. I'm annoyed.


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