28 August 2006

Meet my kooky kats

<Precious Eddie snuggling with the phone.

<Archie checking out the birdies

<Sleeping beauties

I've had my grey cat Eddie for about 13 years now and my 'lil' baby Archie for almost 4 years. Eddie is the most laid back, easy going, sweet natured kitty I have ever known, whereas redheaded Archie is the rebel without a cause, aside from being a bully (must be the red hair) to the much bigger peace-loving Eddie. I just adore them to bits and hate to be away from them for any length of time. They are my kids, my boys. I can't imagine life without them really. I have always been a cat person but in the last few years I have grown more fond of dogs and especially love those little weiner dogs - daschunds. I am thinking of getting one maybe next year, when I move in with my fiance. Since he has a nice, spacious house and I only have a teeny tiny apartment, I have to wait til I am in the house before I get one. I fancy getting a girl dog and naming her Coco after Ms. Chanel, of course and dressing her up in cute collars and stylish doggy clothes - perhaps a cute little black tee shirt with a rhinestone skull. Skulls are very big in fashion now, I got myself the cutest silver necklace with a skull and keys at Aldo for only $15 bucks. I think that is my only accessory with a skull that I own, although I have my eye on a pair of Gap jeans with a black skull stencilling. But I digress. Yes, those cute little munchkins are my true joy in life. Whether Eddie is massaging (kneading) my stomach or neck (if I lying down) or simply lounging in my lap or Archie greets me each morning in the bathroom chirpping and sqeaking (he sounds more like a bird or a mouse than a cat) I find a house is not a home without a cat.


Victoria Winters said...

Oh Archie is so cute! He reminds me of Neville, but orange instead of grey! :)

Eddie looks like a friend's cat who I call Grandpa Graybee because he's about 16 years old. :)

Cute kids!

Victoria Winters said...

CUTE!! :)

Victoria Winters said...

Archie's so cute in that window picture. :) Reminds me of my Neville.

Hope this comment comes through...

Tricia said...

Thanks for the comment(complement). Steve took that shot, actually. Archie is very photogenic and the cutest kitty!


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