27 August 2006

In the pink!

How I love the color pink! It's rosy glow inspires me, soothes me and cheers me instantly. I love it so much I painted my boudoir pink - the paint chip was called, get this, 'pure allure'. I love the movie 'Pretty in Pink' - Andie's bedroom is pink too, as is alot of her outfits including her prom dress - a very funky little number. I just adore Ducky and Iona too - they really crack me up! I love the line by Iona 'Oh, why can't we start off old and get younger!' I'm in love with the color green also - emerald green, chartruese green, seaglass green. Steve and I painted the bedroom green - a soft and spa like, and the bedroom - a light, lime inspired green. It is so calming and fresh.
Tell me what color inspires you. ( I've just fixed my comments link so it should work now)


Victoria Winters said...

Cute room. I like green! :)

Victoria Winters said...

Cool room. I like green! :)


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