29 January 2010

My heart is full!

puffy heart pouch
Originally uploaded by kooky2.

My latest design - a 'puffy' heart pouch. I stuffed the heart with polyfil before i embroidered it on the pouch. I also added two glass hearts on the zipper pull. I love the pink textured upholstery fabric. I was wondering what to make with it, and decided on some pouches.

21 January 2010

new and improved

I just received this wonderful painting from an amazing artist in the Toronto area. I can't stop admiring it. Click on photo to see the textures and designs up close.

It hangs at the top of the 2nd floor. I can look at it as i walk up the stairs. It is kind of Paul Klee-ish. Its' called 'Sky'. It's so great to own original artworks...and since we can't afford big pieces I've become fond of smaller ones, and I hope to own more from this artist someday! Click here for her shop.
I'm drinking my water with pomegranates. I found them in the frozen fruit section at the grocery store. After a few hours the pomegranates turn white, leaving the water with a touch of pink.
Maybe the antioxidants are released into the water.

I am making new items for my shop...laptop sleeves.

This is my first attempt. It was a lot of figuring out, and i spent almost a whole weekend working to perfect it. It has a handle on one end and a protection cushion between the layers. I hope i can make more to add to my shop this year.

I'm dreaming of spring, so i bought a few Gerber daisies to treat myself. I have some hanging vases, so i put one in the bathroom. Every time you sit down...ahem...you're head is just a few inches from a pretty flower.
...makes for a pleasant experience while going potty.

12 January 2010

Lulu Belle's 15 minutes

My baby girl is enjoying her 15 min. of proverbial fame on the Etsy Beagle Team blog!
She is the new header for the blog. She sure would appreciate a comment from you on how pretty she looks. She is such a little diva!! She even has her pink Betsey Johnson shopping bag in the photo.

10 January 2010


I think I'll just lie here in couch potato mode until spring.
Yes........good idea! Yawww.........


Damn I'm cute!

Is it spring yet?

04 January 2010

Baby it's Cooooold outside!!

The temperature here in Ontario is dipping quite low. It is so cold that.....

some of us are having trouble getting out from underneath a cosy duvet!

01 January 2010

Have a..

Archie boy and Lulu Belle wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!

and Lulu needs to catch up on her beauty sleep...ditto for me!


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