21 January 2010

new and improved

I just received this wonderful painting from an amazing artist in the Toronto area. I can't stop admiring it. Click on photo to see the textures and designs up close.

It hangs at the top of the 2nd floor. I can look at it as i walk up the stairs. It is kind of Paul Klee-ish. Its' called 'Sky'. It's so great to own original artworks...and since we can't afford big pieces I've become fond of smaller ones, and I hope to own more from this artist someday! Click here for her shop.
I'm drinking my water with pomegranates. I found them in the frozen fruit section at the grocery store. After a few hours the pomegranates turn white, leaving the water with a touch of pink.
Maybe the antioxidants are released into the water.

I am making new items for my shop...laptop sleeves.

This is my first attempt. It was a lot of figuring out, and i spent almost a whole weekend working to perfect it. It has a handle on one end and a protection cushion between the layers. I hope i can make more to add to my shop this year.

I'm dreaming of spring, so i bought a few Gerber daisies to treat myself. I have some hanging vases, so i put one in the bathroom. Every time you sit down...ahem...you're head is just a few inches from a pretty flower.
...makes for a pleasant experience while going potty.


elsiee said...

lovely painting and the spot you had for it is perfect! enjoy! namaste, elsie

nathalie said...

you did a great job on the sleeve! Love the flower, it's a nice touch.


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