28 November 2012

***HoLiDaY SaLe****

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22 November 2012

Spain Trip - Food

I decided to make a special blog post about all the wonderful, lip smacking food i ate or photographed. Alas, not all the food here was consumed. I did get to try a lot of amazing cuisine in Barcelona and Madrid.  We had trouble finding good Paella. My sistter and i found out there are different versions of Paella among the regions of Spain. The kind we had was more like Risotto and had very little seafood in it (rip off!)  We are dissappointed as that is one of the foods we wanted to try. We had it again at another restaurant and it was okay, but still not the kind we had seen in photos. Ah well, we did have other meals that were good, and a few bad ones, but overall, a good experience. Enjoy this post, and try not to drool to much. :P

(click on the photos if you want to see them larger)

Pizza with cherry tomatoes and arugua

 Red velvet cupcake with a refreshing fruity drink

 Chicken and cheese quesadilla with quacamole

 Giant Prawns. So good! But messy and i cut my fingers on the sharp shells.

                                        Lemon muffin with cappacino for breakfast

                                                                  Assorted pastries

Bagette Sandwiches


                                                   Oh boy! More donuts. Drool.

                                                                   Making ravioli

                                                      At the market with Sis and olives

                                                                      Salted Cod

                                       Sardine Sandwiches. Spain loves open faced sandwiches.

                                                   Spanish Torilla..eggs and potoatoes

                                                                    Fish at the market

  Sis about to enjoy THE best Chocolate cake ever! Flourless with a lake of dark chocolate sauce. Divine!

                                               Not sure what these are, very strange

Chocolate drink with the spanish donut ..the churro. We dipped the churro in the rich, thick hot chocolate

They like Nutella alot~!


             The amazing and huge Boqueria  Market in Barcelona. Tons of tourists ..it was packed!

                                                                      Fruits galore!

                 Refreshing fruit drinks...the variety was pretty impressive and it was hard to pick one!

                                                 Tongues and organs and tripe ..Oh MY!

                               We tried some of the olives in the market...they are muy deliciious!

                              Red haired woman selling mushrooms. Wonder if there any magic ones?

Plenty of shellfish at Boqueria Mk

Also muy variety of fish

In Spain, they have Pinxtos...food on a stick..the cod were good!


                                                              .......MORE CANDY!!!

This grocery shop had a cute sign

Pizza with eggplant.

 Santa Caterina Mk..The locals prefer to shop here as Boqeria Mk is a tourist attraction.

Lots and lots of spices

                                                                     Cute sign

The variety of tomatoes were amazing!  I made a faux pas and picked up a tomato, and the woman yelled at me and pushed we out of the way with a crate.  I guess she was sick of touristos touching her produce which i understand afterwards. But maan she was very mean about it. 

Lovely radishes

Giant Eggs..not sure which bird they came from.

Santa Caterina Mk they had a  huge restaurant..we had to try some fish dishes of course, fresh from the Mk.

We tried fish that we have never had before..it was very tasty.

                                                  A chocolate shop with lots of nouget

shoe string taters-wish i had tried them

Meat pies . so pretty

The powdered sugar buns on the left side were everywhere..they reminded me of Princess Leia's hair


Stay tuned kids...the London food photos are coming soon!


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