23 February 2010

Happy Birthday to ...

Miss Lulu Belle, who is 3 years old!

On Monday we celebrated Lulu's 3rd birthday.

I wanted a pretty table for my pretty girl..

There were treats for dogs...i made those doggie muffins, peanut butter and carrots...Lulu's fave!
I made some crustless tea sandwiches with cream cheese and cucumber and salmon salad with gherkin pickles, served with ginger ale/raspberry punch.

...devilled eggs

I made this carrot cake (the adult version) with cream cheese icing...it was pink on the sides.

I even blew up 3 metallic pink balloons!

We had Lulu's best-est friends over for a little party...Maggie the Dachshund and Marki the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel made Lulu very happy on her day!

3 excited pooch's were prancin' around and playing, having tons of fun....

Maggie (lower left corner) was fascinated with Archie who was chilling on top of the chair.


Lulu received some cute cards and some thoughtful gifts....a pretty pink knitted washcloth hand knitted, and other nice prezzies.

This is after the party. Lulu was a bit down....

but she had a great time and she even got a new toy to play with.

Big thanks to Audrey and Maggie, Pat and Marki for making Lulu's birthay special and fun!

16 February 2010

My trip ..

...to Mexico, on Isla Mujeres ...was muy bueno!

I have made a slideshow here, instead of posting to my blog...since it takes too long to upload the pictures here.

Enjoy muchachos! Plus there's music with the slideshow!

03 February 2010

Sweet things....

My cat Archie Boy!

My sweet Lulu Belle! She spends half the day lying on our bed and checking out the hood..

watching squirrels and birdies........and the mailman. She lets us know when the mail comes!

This sweet little pouch is a challenge entry for the Etsy Beagle Street Team. It is also the prize for our challenge give-away here: Etsy Beagles. The theme this month is 'Hearts & Hounds'. So go on over to enter! You have until: Sat., 2/06 at 11:59 PM, EST.

Unfortunately, it is only open to residents of the US. (It has to do with blogging rules, so i apologize to any Canadians and others.)


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