26 June 2010

pilllow tawk!

I made this new pillow for my bed, but Lulu had claimed it as her pillow. exclusively hers.

It seems to be the perfect pillow for her. She loves the height of it...

....and the length suits her too!

As you can see, i have one happy customer!

14 June 2010

A Spring Day

I love this tulip...it is special because we only get one each year and it's located at the very end of our backyard behind a shed we built....there is a few feet of space behind there and i always cut it and put it in the house, because you can't really enjoy it since the shed is in the way. I think i'll try and find this tulip bulb at the garden center and grow more. I just love the elongated delicate form and just a hint of pink.

After the tulip wasted away, i replaced it with this pretty daisy and stuck a petunia with a tiny red flower in the mermaid bottle opener.

This Dove nested on the other side of the column on our porch. We saw two of her babies in the nest.

If you click on this photo you will notice that her eye has a beautiful ring of blue around it.

Our neighbor has a loverly perennial garden in their front yard with a lot of peonies! Their scent is so nice!
I love the light in this photo...so dreamy!

The bleeding hearts in the back are surrounded by this perennial i planted a few summers ago, which has spread nicely.

These are a gorgeous shade of yellow!

I'm looking forward to the blooming of our summer flowers now....which have just started. Will post soon with photos of them.

05 June 2010


Last weekend, Steve and I had a bbq for some family members....we had a great day with my sister from Saskatchewan and her daughter who now lives in Toronto, my brother and his wife from Baltimore and then my brother and a friend from Toronto.

Lulu was the welcome wagon! It sure was a hot day!

Group photo of some of us.

Lulu gets some lovin' from my niece and my sister.

Lulu is trying to get a cup of coffee.

The whole gang minus me!

Noshing on bbq food!

Lulu store some ears of already nbbled corn!

Everyone loved my potato salad...yay!

Homemade burgers with jarlsberg cheese.

Lulu and friend having a little rest.

After dinner we just relaxed and talked awhile.

Steve and Lulu on the swing.


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