28 April 2009

Kingston trip..part uno

Recently, I joined my sister on a trip to Kingston and Ottawa, which are both beautiful cities (Ottawa being our lovely capital) and the two cities are only a few hours away from each other. They both feature wonderful architecture, lots of amazing limestone incorporated almost everywhere. We had a nice 5 day trip.
We stayed in a B&B our first few nights...The Belvedere...an historic house with many rooms.

They had a patio for breakfast...a wee too cold yet for that.

The lighting is nice, huh? love the green deco glass.

The parlour...
a corner of the parlour where we ate our breakie...

The front porch/sunroom..

The B& B was within walking distance of the downtown...saw these delightful posies in someone's window.

Stopped for tea at this tea house.

You go and choose whatever tea you like.....from hundreds of choices...very hard to decide but i chose caramel tea.

Nice little courtyard to a lunch place...
More downtown photos... (click to see a giant ice cream cone)

The store on the right was funny...note the name of shop. Lots of fun stuff in there.

(part deux in a few days)

24 April 2009

feel good friday!

I'm really digging this youtube track by American Breed called Bend Me Shape Me. This will probably make you get up and dance or at least tap your foot/head nod. The lead singer is so cute too! Reminds me a bit of Liam Gallagher of Oasis...same hair and sideburns! Actually, most of them are pretty cute. I'm really into 60's music lately, esp. surf, psychedilia, garage rock and bubblegum pop. (anyone notice anything wrong with this video?)

20 April 2009

Spring is in the AirrrrOOOOOO!

Miss Lulu Belle is ready for her walk to see if any new flowers have bloomed in our hood.

We are patiently waiting for the tulips in the front yard to show themselves.

We found these lovely crocuses among the bark chips...

and these pretty little bluish flora...

beneath this large maple tree.

I love the combination of the purple and yellow croc's .....and this springs hottest colors in decor and fashion.

This house on the corner were the first croc's i saw.

So beautiful up close! Those colors really pop!

Well, our walk was nice, then i decided i needed a cuppa in the afternoon...would you care for one too?

I can share these sweets from the bakery down at the end of my street appropriately called 'Sweet Dreams'. These cupcakes cost only a dollar each...the cheapest i have ever seen for one...rare these days right?

They are so yummy, especially when i added some bubblegum balls for a prettier punchier effect. We can chew the gum after tea.

I just got these african violets for my kitchen..with my two new fave colors!

Happy Spring everyone! Stay tuned for photos soon of my trip to Ottawa and Kingston!

And, in other news, the winner was announced for the Etsy Beagle Team's challenge 'Beagles n Blooms', for the lovely bracelet by MsAnomoly! Busy Bee...congrats!

11 April 2009



The Etsy Beagles Street Team, of which i am a very proud member, is currently running our second contest! There are nine entries for our theme 'Beagles and Blooms'. Check out our our blog, vote for your favorite Beagles and Blooms March Challenge entry (I have my Darling Clementine bag in the challenge) and enter to win this fabulous bracelet by Beagles Team member Linda, aka
Ms Anomaly:

10 April 2009

Lulu burying bone in bed

My lulu belle loves to hide her icky rawhide bones in our bed.

03 April 2009

Feel Good Friday!

An oldie from 1970 i think by the band Vanity Fare 'Hitchin' a ride'. I hope you enjoy this happy tune with it's pretty flute playing! It's raining cats and beagles today, so i need to listen to lots of good tunes like this one!

Also for Feel Good Friday I'll leave you with a funny photo of my cat Archie. He loves to try and drink from our magic well. This photo was given an award on Flikr for 'Cats with a drinking problem. hehe. Click on the photo below to see other contestants!

01 April 2009

New month, new item!

Happy April!! This is my latest bag!

It's romantically called, 'My darling Clementine' which i think is very fitting. It reminds me of the clementine oranges i eat every day. I also asked Steve what to name the bag and the first thing out of his mouth was 'Clementine'....so there you have it!

I had this straw bag that was plain, and i decided to glue a bunch of cute appliques of a botanical theme. I used sequin to make a branch for the metal birdies.

I already had the two beaded yellow flowers and gold beaded leaves in my box of treasures so i added them with some little purple and pink flowers.

I then finished it off with a beaded sequined magenta butterfly and used tons of special jewelry glue to be sure it stuck very well. I tried other kinds of glue, so i had to find the right glue to work. They are stuck on good now! See a description of the bag here.

and it's now available for sale in my shop!! Hurrah for spring!!


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