20 April 2009

Spring is in the AirrrrOOOOOO!

Miss Lulu Belle is ready for her walk to see if any new flowers have bloomed in our hood.

We are patiently waiting for the tulips in the front yard to show themselves.

We found these lovely crocuses among the bark chips...

and these pretty little bluish flora...

beneath this large maple tree.

I love the combination of the purple and yellow croc's .....and this springs hottest colors in decor and fashion.

This house on the corner were the first croc's i saw.

So beautiful up close! Those colors really pop!

Well, our walk was nice, then i decided i needed a cuppa in the afternoon...would you care for one too?

I can share these sweets from the bakery down at the end of my street appropriately called 'Sweet Dreams'. These cupcakes cost only a dollar each...the cheapest i have ever seen for one...rare these days right?

They are so yummy, especially when i added some bubblegum balls for a prettier punchier effect. We can chew the gum after tea.

I just got these african violets for my kitchen..with my two new fave colors!

Happy Spring everyone! Stay tuned for photos soon of my trip to Ottawa and Kingston!

And, in other news, the winner was announced for the Etsy Beagle Team's challenge 'Beagles n Blooms', for the lovely bracelet by MsAnomoly! Busy Bee...congrats!


wunderbug said...

i *love* those first flowers of spring!

(not to mention those cupcakes too - delish!)

LillyShayStyle said...

I love how the bubble gum balls look on the cupcakes!

marin said...

that is my baby bulldog! :) She got to play with a Beagle all day yesterday just like yours!

joybear said...

yummy and beautiful!

MsAnomaly said...

Crocus and tulips and blooms 'neath a tree; Yummy sweet cupcakes and cuppa hot tea; Beautiful beagles enjoying the Spring; These are a few of my favorite things! ;0)
Great photos; so cheerful! Yay Spring! Nose-kisses to Lulu Belle!
Linda & Flash

FrumsGlass said...

Beautiful spring! I love it.
Those cupcakes are cool! The gum balls are a fun idea. I really enjoy growing african violets. I've some in bud. Will share on my blog when in bloom.


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