30 October 2009

h A p P y H a l l O w E E n ! !
So, it's almost that time again....

This was me as MorTricia two years ago.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween this year! Eat lots of sweets and roasted pumpkin seeds and watch some scary movies.

I just looked at the tv listings for Halloween movies.....I will probably be watching these while munching on my pumpkin seeds, popcorn and leftover mini chocolate bars:

Young Frankenstein....my fave! Love the scene with 'Puttin' on the Ritz'!

Halloween...the first one of course...all the others are just scary bad!

Sleepy Hollow ....Chris Walken's teeth are frightening...He's the scariest headless horseman ever!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So fun, so campy! I love singing along!

and Go here to hear a great variety of Halloween tunes!

What are your fave movies for halloween?


nathalie said...

the virtual pictures of you are so funny!
I saw the movie Carrie from 1976, the other day! scarrryyy! Happy Halloween to you too!

Anonymous said...

ya, you look absolutely fab frightening!
don't forget these movies, the scariest of all horror flicks, the exorcist! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! scary!
and fright night, remember we used to like that one - it was silly.



did you watch it's the great pumpkin charlie brown?


Anonymous said...

ya, young frankenstien
so funny, watched part of it last night
love the way madeline khan talks
it's a good cast, very funny movie

oh i hope rocky horror picture show is on, oh it doesn't matter, i have it on video

i watched a munster marathon yesterday too, zombo episode is my fav!
that herman is such a gas!
darn darn darn

happy halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen!


missbmckay said...

Anything Hitchcock always creeped me out! Although I think it was Freddie and Jason that didn't allow me to sleep at night when I was a kid.


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