17 October 2009

which Witch is which?

I have been busy in Picnik.com making Halloween stuff. I took this image of Lulu (below) and spruced it up.

She only wore this witch's hat for about 2 seconds after i took the photo...she thinks it's a toy and tries to bite it.
Lulu's best friend Maggie the weiner dog, with a cute little witch's hat...

This is my new shop banner! Isn't it cute?

And this is my latest bag. I didn't sew the bag, it was a plain black bag that i appliqued with Halloween images.
Anyone remember this Witch? She was pretty funny!


Anonymous said...

cute halloween bag and pics of halloween doggies
ya, witchie poo, i was scared of her as a kid, but she's funny now
halloween will be here in no time, less than 2 weeks now.
are you getting the displays done again this year, by joe?


tattytiara said...

Great job on everything there, kooks. There's just no way that cute lil' pup could ever be spooky though, not with all the *zombie rot in the world.

*actual product

missbmckay said...

love the costumes! They are soo cute!

2 Raven Chicks said...

Oh yes, the vampire teeth win! Is that Witchiepoo from HR Puffinstuff? Haha - I used to watch that show!


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