17 June 2009

Woofstock 2009

Steve and I took our Miss Lulu Belle to the annual dog festival in Toronto. If you saw my last post, that was when Steve and I went, without Lulu, as we didn't have her at that time 3 yrs ago....but we told ourselves someday we'd be back and with a dog to call our own. I hope you enjoy the following photos of our fun filled day with only one snafu when Steve bought a hot dog with a hair in it...a bit too much protein in that one!! Yucky! I shared my hot dog (sans hair) with Lulu. We entered her in a photo contest for 'Canada's Next Top Dog' for a magazine cover.....which there is much tough FIerce competion. Some photos need to be clicked on for details, FYI.

It was quite busy, and this was a less crowded area. It stretched about at least5 blocks, where they closed off traffic.
This poodle was very chic with her pinkish dye job.

This smaller poodle had a cute do too....

and this little doxie had a sun visor and a ride.

I love this little pink pinafore on this chihuahua...so Paris Hilton! (you must click photo to see her painted nails!)

Lots of doggies had hair accessories...

or fun and fashionable harnesses, collars and bandanna's. I made Lulu's collar from a gold disco belt with hot glued fabric flowers. She quite a few compliments!

Lots of vendors selling doggie stuff including a lot of artwork.

Lulu tries to make friends with one of her own hound kind. Lulu is part basset herself.

This cutie is tuckered out...it is exhausting meeting lots of people and other canines!

Lulu was a bit shy of this two bassets and tried to hide behind me.

Dogs were everywhere...even dogs on top of other dogs!
The festival also had lots of various breed rescue organizations trying to find homes like these beagles resting in a shady parkette. I sure hope they find good ones!
This bloodhound was quite vocal!

Lulu resting in the parkette...she needed lots of breaks since it was an overwhelming experience for her. I think she is wishing to go to the dog park instead...she prefers the conservation area to the big city.
Lots of dogs and folks resting in the park.

This English Bulldog is showing his British heritage. (click photo to see)

Lulu (right) met lots of bassets and beagles, this one on the left looked a lot like her! She's being a bit anti-social.

As you can see...crowded!

There was even a fountain with bubbles for the dogs to get a complimentary bath and cool dip. Lulu would not go in...she is not fond of baths.

We got Lulu micro-chipped for a very low price at this booth where Peso the chihuahua was hanging out (and tongue too).
Lulu and Steve walking about. (It was hard to walk by those donut and ice cream trucks but i resisted).

This little daschund was so sweet in her pretty purple collar.

Some pooch's were sporting the latest sunglasses, pink framed coke bottle glasses...

and pink aviators....

This pom is stylin' in his shades.

Sidewalk art....
Lulu makes a new friend....

This English bully is matching his owners' attire....and she is def a bulldog lover...check out her back tat. (click to see close-up of tattoo)

This was the very last pooch we met...Cherry a 3 month old red poodle...so cute!

Lulu (on her way home) looks happy (probably because she was going home).

I definitely want to go next year, while Steve is not keen on the idea. I will have to ask Lulu if she wants to go again....I sure hope she does.

13 June 2009

Woofstock 2006

These photos are from when Steve and I attended the annual dog fest 'Woofstock' (the largest festival for dogs in North America) in 2006, which is held in Toronto's St. Lawrence Market district. They close off a street for the canine festivities. Tomorrow we are taking Miss Lulu Belle, our sweet poochie, to the festival. I am thinking of entering her in The Mr. and Mrs. Canine Contest, to see if her cute face can win a prize.
They have other contests for 'Ugliest Dog' (which I find to be an oxymoron, since no dog is truly ugly) and there is also a contest for 'Best Tricks' and a fashion show of course. Miss Lulu will not be any of the those contests, since she is not ugly, nor can she do tricks and despises wearing clothes of any kind. I have tried, in the past to outfit her in an pink and brown arglye sweater, which she promptly tried to eat off her back. She even refused to wear an orange wig with witch hat at Hallowe'en. So, there it be, Lulu is not a clothes wearing dog, leave the outfits for chiahuaha's and other little frou frou pooches, like pugs and poms.
So, here are a few more photos from Woofstock 2006 for you to enjoy.

This Jack Russell cutie is giving me the eye...

I think this might be a Great Dane pup...with very beautiful markings and light eyes.

Cute little JT puppy getting lots of affection..

This basset, with impossibly long ears, is very sweet looking, with her yellow sun visor.

This Jack Russell is sporting a designer bandana...very fetching. (love that patch on his eye)

This English bully is enjoying a cool drink from his friend.

Cute boxer.

A English bulldog pup pup takes a sidewalk nap.

A Great Dane takes in the view of other pooches.

This chiuahaha mix (possibly mini pincher) with his styling booties, looked ever so silly trotting along, trying to walk as best he could.

One of my fave breeds, the dauchund, or weiner dog, looks so sweet in his little harness. I had to ask the owner if i could pet him.

Another bulldog....

And finally, this St. Bernard, (you must click on the photo to see him drooling) with a string of drool. He is looking at me, saying, 'C'mon lady, take the damn photo and get outta my way'.
I will be taking lots of photos tomorrow, no doubt, of tomorrow's Woofstock. Stay tuned for them in the coming days.

01 June 2009

Fun with picniK!

So, have you ever tried the photo site picnik? It is so fun, and easier to play with than other applications such as Photoshop. It is free to sign up and all you do is upload your photos and then create!

This is a before photo of Lulu Belle....

and this is after i played with it in picnik.

With this photo of Lulu, I did a special filter in create....that gives it the photo some pizazz, and added some text.
Before photo of a photo of my lily of the valley flowers....

and after!!


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