01 June 2009

Fun with picniK!

So, have you ever tried the photo site picnik? It is so fun, and easier to play with than other applications such as Photoshop. It is free to sign up and all you do is upload your photos and then create!

This is a before photo of Lulu Belle....

and this is after i played with it in picnik.

With this photo of Lulu, I did a special filter in create....that gives it the photo some pizazz, and added some text.
Before photo of a photo of my lily of the valley flowers....

and after!!


nathalie said...

wow, nice pictures Pat. I will check the site out.

Anonymous said...

ya, cool pics!
i still have to go on that sight and try it.


Tracy said...


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PussDaddy said...

Hehehe, Lulu Belle is so darn cute it is pathetic.



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