03 April 2009

Feel Good Friday!

An oldie from 1970 i think by the band Vanity Fare 'Hitchin' a ride'. I hope you enjoy this happy tune with it's pretty flute playing! It's raining cats and beagles today, so i need to listen to lots of good tunes like this one!

Also for Feel Good Friday I'll leave you with a funny photo of my cat Archie. He loves to try and drink from our magic well. This photo was given an award on Flikr for 'Cats with a drinking problem. hehe. Click on the photo below to see other contestants!


kim* said...

gotta love them classics

nathalie said...

Love that song and love the picture of Archie!

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Your magic well?? HAHAHAHHAAAA!!! Love it!! Hitchin a riiiiiiiiiide, lalaladeeedaaaaaa, off I go to sing ;) xoxo


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