01 April 2009

New month, new item!

Happy April!! This is my latest bag!

It's romantically called, 'My darling Clementine' which i think is very fitting. It reminds me of the clementine oranges i eat every day. I also asked Steve what to name the bag and the first thing out of his mouth was 'Clementine'....so there you have it!

I had this straw bag that was plain, and i decided to glue a bunch of cute appliques of a botanical theme. I used sequin to make a branch for the metal birdies.

I already had the two beaded yellow flowers and gold beaded leaves in my box of treasures so i added them with some little purple and pink flowers.

I then finished it off with a beaded sequined magenta butterfly and used tons of special jewelry glue to be sure it stuck very well. I tried other kinds of glue, so i had to find the right glue to work. They are stuck on good now! See a description of the bag here.

and it's now available for sale in my shop!! Hurrah for spring!!


Anonymous said...

hello tricia! sorry i haven't been around your ways to pop in and say hello! it's been a busy 2009 for me! love this new orange bag...so much fun!

nathalie said...

what a cute little bag Pat! You're so talented!
We have to reserve a date for our TO outing! April is very busy for me, I will have visitors from France but May seems good if you're up for it!

Carolyne said...

Yay for Spring!

Your bags look so chic!

elsiee said...

we've been eating clementines by the boxfull these days! great bag and I love the wild hare pillows in your shop - guess i'll have to follow you now.!

come on over and visit me sometime:



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