23 February 2010

Happy Birthday to ...

Miss Lulu Belle, who is 3 years old!

On Monday we celebrated Lulu's 3rd birthday.

I wanted a pretty table for my pretty girl..

There were treats for dogs...i made those doggie muffins, peanut butter and carrots...Lulu's fave!
I made some crustless tea sandwiches with cream cheese and cucumber and salmon salad with gherkin pickles, served with ginger ale/raspberry punch.

...devilled eggs

I made this carrot cake (the adult version) with cream cheese icing...it was pink on the sides.

I even blew up 3 metallic pink balloons!

We had Lulu's best-est friends over for a little party...Maggie the Dachshund and Marki the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel made Lulu very happy on her day!

3 excited pooch's were prancin' around and playing, having tons of fun....

Maggie (lower left corner) was fascinated with Archie who was chilling on top of the chair.


Lulu received some cute cards and some thoughtful gifts....a pretty pink knitted washcloth hand knitted, and other nice prezzies.

This is after the party. Lulu was a bit down....

but she had a great time and she even got a new toy to play with.

Big thanks to Audrey and Maggie, Pat and Marki for making Lulu's birthay special and fun!


MsAnomaly said...

Such a nice party! Both Lulu and her special birthday table look lovely! I'm glad Lulu had a happy
3rd Birthday! :0)

2 Raven Chicks said...

Everything looked absolutely gorgeous!

So glad the birthday girl had a big day! ♥

CiaoHound said...

What a beautiful party! Everything looks perfect! I bet Lulu had a perfect birthday!

CK said...

Aw, Lulu looks like she had a great time! What pretty party for a pretty girl! Happy birthday, Lulu!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!

laughingfridge said...

Aww, your birthday party looks like it was great fun! Happy belated birthday!

btw, as a dachshund owner I can tell you that they will bead in on a cat anywhere, lol

Fiberpuppy said...

Wow what a party. Gotta keep that a secret from my dog Gully. He just gets a plain burger at the McDonalds drive thru on his birthday.

ArenaCreative said...

Lovely Lulu, Happy 3rd!
Such a sweetie!

Johnnie said...

Wow what a beautiful home. Great eye for detail. Lucy is very lucky to have you


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