14 September 2006

Fleas! Puh-leese!

Oh no! I found a flea on Eddie and we're trying to figure out how they got in the house. Eddie and Archie don't seem to be scratching themselves any more that normal so it's not a bad infestation. It's either the neighbour cat we were petting on Sunday or the tenant's bunny rabbits (in our basement). They just got 2 rabbits last week and they brought over a dog for the day, so we're not sure which is the culprit. All I know is that I have half a dozen itchy and painful bites on my legs and ankle and they're driving me insane. I want to scratch soooo bad but I know it will only make them worse and maybe get infected. We bought some hyrocortazone cream for me and a bunch of flea control products ( final tab = $56 ). Now I have to vacuum the entire house thoroughly, wash all the blankets and pillows the cats lie on, including our bedding and spray this stuff everywhere. Last night we lathered the cats up with this mousse that's supposed to kill the fleas on them, and today we apply a serum to their neck area which should kill any eggs. The pet store said 10 fleas could multipy to tons more in a month. I am exhausted from cleaning everthing and my bites are very uncomfortable. I must have had an allergic reaction to the bites cos I have rashes all over my legs and I am in agony. ARRRGGGG! I am not a happy camper right now. Steve didn't get one bite. NOT ONE!! I guess they don't care for his blood type. Lucky me! I guess because Eddie is always in my lap I was a likely victim. I just hope I don't get any more bites, pleeeaaasssseee! People, do not pet strange dogs or cats in the street - you may be sorry - and if you bring a new animal in the house, do make sure they have been checked out for fleas. Lets hope this problem will clear up soon.


victoria winters said...

Fog your house. We had to do that in Chicago once after a squirrel nest in the grill resulted in fleas in the house and ankle bites all over Huz. :(h

Tricia said...

Hey VW, We may have to fog.... we're going to see how the other flea control products work first - we're using 3 different things right now and already spent alot on those.

victoria winters said...

Hope they work!


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