20 September 2006


How I love to go antiquing. I found this pretty sugar bowl from a tea service at the local thrift store the other day. It now holds my sugar packets for tea and coffee. Someday I would love to find a silver or silver plated tea pot and creamer to add to my collection. I have a silver tray already that I got a few years ago. I also got these groovy cereal bowls - I love the colors and flower pattern - must be 60's or 70's. I bought the green coffee pot at an antique market for a mere $5 bucks, sometimes I put fresh flowers in it. Steve found these great old coffee tins which look nice with the green coffee pot. It gives me a little thrill to find treasures at thrift stores and garage sales. I've got some wonderful things from garbage picking too. In the past some of the treasures I found on the street are: an old sewing table that I use as a bedside table, it's a bit shabby chic; a heavy oak arm chair painted a lovely vintagey green-also very shabby chic; an antique mantle with mirror that now holds all my family photos in frames and various knick knacks; a teak 70's armless chair with a cushioned seat in a red/green paisley material; an old medicine cabinet with a gold gilded mirror that we are going to put in the bathroom eventually.

Recently I've bought some antiques from Ebay. A couple of tea cups, an antique alarm clock from Hungary and a 1963 pink radio that ended up costing far too much money after paying all the charges and duty plus the delivery which I had to pay for twice. So I have to be careful from now on - some things end up costing alot more especially when I buy American items.


victoria winters said...

LOVE the blue coffee pot with antique coffe tins!!!!

Anonymous said...

ya cool tins
(nice colors!)
I have a tin I'll send you for Christmas from NYC




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