21 September 2006

spare time

Spare time, is there ever enough? I wish! There are so many things I love to do in my spare time and here are a few of them. In Toronto we have a historic warehouse area with many galleries and shops including this gorgeous cafe called Balzac's. This is easily my fave place to enjoy a coffee and a yummy pastry. In this photo my mother and I are sitting below the Cafe Collas poster.

One Balzac's blend and a chocolate croissant please!

At the distillery there are so many wonderful galleries, and the quality of work is awe-inspiring. I would love to paint again one day. I used to paint with acrylics in college and quite enjoyed it.

I enjoy a good movie as much as the next person whether it's watching a Dvd on Steve's new Hd tv (Guess which movie this is?)or going to the movie theatre and munching on popcorn with ketchup seasoning and a 2-litre soda once in a while even though we practially have to put a 2nd mortgage on the house to do so.

Shop til you drop is my motto, but I definetely could use a fatter wallet and a platinum Visa. I do have fun just window shopping and wishing......sigh.
Other activities I enjoy are:
  1. Scrabble
  2. reading a good book or magazine
  3. antiquing
  4. photography
  5. walking along the trail on Lake Ontario
  6. people watching
  7. blogging - my newest hobby
  8. crafting
  9. skating
  10. gardening
  11. emailing friends and family
  12. hanging out with my boys, Steve, Eddie and Archi


victoria winters said...

Like the photos. ;)

Anonymous said...

fun pics

hi ya!

from Carol


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