22 September 2006

like/don't like

things I like:
  1. tea and coffee
  2. the sun shining through the window
  3. Christmas
  4. cute animals
  5. thunderstorms
  6. learning new things
  7. kooky people
  8. baked goods
  9. flowers
  10. big sales

thing I don't like:

  1. liver and onions
  2. being cold
  3. Jan. 2
  4. snakes
  5. blizzards
  6. vacuuming
  7. mean people
  8. when a recipe turns out bad
  9. when my plants die
  10. paying bills


victoria winters said...

January 2nd?

Tricia said...

January 2nd because it means the holidays are officially over and it's the beginning of 2 months of freezing, bone-chilling minus 20-40 below zero weather. Brrrrrrr!

victoria winters said...

Ah, I see. Well, it's also light candles through the house and bake some yummy-smelling bread weather. Right? ;)

Tricia said...

Yup, lots of baking and candles and our fireplace!

victoria winters said...

Where are you? You haven't posted in 7 whole days!?

N said...

Yes, where are you? Had such a great time with you and S on Sunday! Can't wait to see you again!

Anonymous said...

I think she's in TO


Tricia said...

I'm back in Whitby! I was away in Toronto for a week doing alot of stuff and too busy to blog. I will write something tomorrow, okay.


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