02 October 2006

Nice day

I'm baaa-aackk! It's been a crazy week with alot of appts and alot of sewing to catch up on but I finally have time to do this blog thing which I have missed actually. Steve and I had a nice Sunday, first hosting a birthday brunch for Blair who's turning the big 4-0. I made Buttermilk Belgian waffles with a mixed berry compote and Farmers Mk. turkey sausage - lots of pure maple syrup and coffee - it was a splendid morning. I put a candle on Blair's waffle and we sang 'Happy Birthday'.

Later, feeling sluggish and not wanting to do anything, we decided to take a walk at the Conservation park. It was very nice walking around in the crisp air, I stuffed my pockets with peanuts for the cute little chipmunks. There were so many people on the trail feeding them already, alot of the chipmunks had full cheek pouches, A woman had her arm stretched out to the birds, who swooped down and fed off her hand. We spotted some bluejays too. Afterwards, stopped off at the garden centre and picked out some fall mums in hues of bright yellow and orange, and some tiny pumpkins for the table.

When we returned home, I felt refreshed and ready to tackle some household stuff.

Another pleasant Whitby sunday.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Fall the nicest time of year!


Tricia said...

And it happens to be my fave time of year. I feel so much inspiration from this season.

N said...

Nice to have you back Pat! Very pretty pictures!

victoria winters said...

Welcome back! I wish it were cool again here in Nashvegas...instead, it's been in the 80s again. UUUGGGGHHH.


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