17 September 2006

beautiful flowers

Originally uploaded by kooky2.

My honey came home with these for me the other day. Is'nt he swell!

It's a cyclamen and should do ok inside. The leaf pattern is so interesting.

I just love looking at them while eating dinner and they are very complimentary to the wall color and plant pot,
n'est pas?


Anonymous said...

Very complimentary!


Nat said...

How beautiful these flowers are! You have a nice man!

victoria winters said...

I love cyclamens and had some for several years (they even survived the move from Chicago to Nashville), but I made the mistake of bringing them to work to save them from the cats nibbling on them and the office plant waterers (yes, we have those here - weird, huh?) put insecticide in them because of gnats and they died!! I'm so sad! :(

victoria winters said...

I also sent one today that said I used to have cyclamens for a long time, but brought them to the office to save them from cat's biting them and the plant lady there put insecticides in them because of gnats and killed them! :(

Tricia said...

So far my cats have'nt started chewing on them - thank god.
Too bad about what happened to your cyclamens.

NG said...

Love those flowers. Your man sure is swell! Can't wait to see you again Pat.

Tricia said...

Yup, I have to agree, he is very thoughtful.
I'll see ya on Sunday Nat, it will be so nice to finally meet your hubby and children.


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