28 November 2006

Eddie is enjoying this basket by our front door, he just barely fits inside. He looks so cosy and contented.

Archie wants to get in the basket with Eddie but alas, there is no room. They usually sleep together on the sofa or the ottoman, they love to cosy up to one another. I love to watch them sleeping, they look so sweet and peaceful.
Lately Archie enjoys lying next to the fireplace, he just loves the heat from it, although Eddie has shown no interest at all. I've been enjoying the fireplace when I get a chill. It really warms up the room nicely and I like to sit right next to it with my cup of tea, until I'm warmed up. I'll be happy sitting by and watching the fireplace this winter, for sure.


tatjana said...

Aw! They're so sweet. I really miss when my kitties still cuddled. They're rebellious teenagers now, so maybe they will again later. And your fireplace is lovely!

n said...

Your cats look so contented and happy! You sure will enjoy your fireplace this winter (the cold starts this weekend P).

Tricia said...

Yup, I sure will Nat! I want to get a cosy sheepskin rug for the fireplace, even though a feel so guilty for the poor sheep.

Anonymous said...


The weather has been sooooo spring like and soon (this weekend)the cold is on it's way so now a fireplace is a welcome sight in the livingroom. We will be buying the wood real soon.
Enjoy yours!

Oedie still looks the same!



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