20 May 2007

So, lately.....

i picked some pretty lilac - smells amazing! Our lilac tree went on strike this spring so i got these from a neighbour....does anyone know why our lilac tree did'nt bloom? We have two trees and we only got one bloom at the very top....... I'm very disappointed but oh well!

Do you see a little monkey above? A cute one at that, my little Archie!

Steven bought me these lovely flowers for no special reason.....he's so sweet!

pink roses are my favorite!

I took another photos of the nest and now there are 4 eggies!! How wonderful! I cannot wait to see the baby birdies sticking their hungry heads up out of the nest, and chirping sweetly!

I love sitting on the porch to watch Sally the robin and the tulips.....i feel so lucky to have a porch! I've been asking Steven to get a porch swing, the old-fashioned kind....

I potted some geraniums and begonias for the porch.....

i bought some adorable mirrors with hooks at Urban Outfitters:
this lovely birdie.....

and this Marie Antoinette-ish one!

so very pretty! They were on sale for a mere $5!!


I have been too busy to blog lately, with lots of spring cleaning - clearing cobwebs, cleaning every square inch of the kitchen, washing windows, dusting shelves...its' exhausting! I feel so glad that i'm almost finished though, so i can get back to work in the studio and some more kookyhandbags; i'm gearing up to make some more wristlets and charming gemstone keychains. I'm just itching to get back to the sewing machine and make some stuff...my creative juices are bubbling over with anticipation.
Also, we've been entertaining alot - last night we had friends over for bbq - salmon with a maple chili glaze, grilled red pepper and asparagus, grilled pineapple, tomato and potatoes and our guests brought a lovely rhubarb crisp with frozen vanilla yoghurt! It was tres yummy! Blair tryed to get us to play charades afterwards but we were a bunch of spoilsports! Poor Blair!
Tonight we had Steve's dad over for dinner and tomorrow my brother and his wife from Baltimore plus my other brother from Toronto and a close friend are coming for our third bbq in a row - i just finished making potato salad and iced tea with lemon, then we will serve Angus beef burgers with corn on the cob, watermelon, and apple pie with praline ice cream...can't wait! I have'nt seen my brother and his wife in over a year so we have some catching up to do!
Happy Victoria Day!


c said...

hi sis

it might be common with lilacs
ours has done the same thing as yours
it was great last year and barely anything this year

enjoy bbqing

Vanessa V said...

Love your perching porch Miss Tricia! I lok at your creation every day! Still can't belive yousent the Tori clipping! Loveit. And can I say, those chocolates are nothing like M&M's. M&M's are not that lice mild chocolate. Gosh, we are so dumb here, falling for the lame chocolate they feed us...When everywhere else it is smooth and nice.
Oh well! Love the urban outfitters hooks! They are fab! And, love all the dinners and desserts you've been having. I wish I was there for the maple chili glazed Salmon. YUMMY!!!

leslie said...

oh, all your dishes sound DIVINE - mouth watering! i love the pic of you on the porch, it's so cute.


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