29 May 2007

litters n critters

What is Archie staring at so intently?

What is so darn interesting up there?

Why, it's new life!!!! Sally gave birth around a week ago and she had 4 beautiful healthy boys and girls. I believe there are two of each, just to keep it fair! I was thrilled to see the little baby robins! I watch Sally feed her brood often, since it's right outside the livingroom window. She feeds them constantly, she's a very busy mama at the moment!


I think we need some names. How about Doris (after Doris Day), Judy (Judy Garland). Are you guessing my theme here? Yes! Sweet singers! I love Doris Day especially! I am quite a fan actually! Now for the boys, perhaps, Frank (Frank Sinatra) and Fred (Fred Astaire, who i think has a very sweet voice). I went through a tap dancing phase, well, not me dancing, just watching Fred Astaire movies. I also went through a Marx brothers period.

Sally is watching me take the photo. She is a proud mama!

'Mummy, whats for dinner?' That birdie is Freddie i think!

Awwww! this is too sweet for words!

These photos were taken a week ago and some were from a few days ago, i swear they are growing by the second. They are overflowing the nest now. I think they need a bigger home soon!


leslie said...

sooooo cute! thanks for sharing them, they are GORGEOUS!

n said...

That is the sweetest thing! I hope Sally stays there for a while so that you get to see her babies grow!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What wonderful pictures! Archie...you behave yourself!! Isn`t it so comoically cute how the wee ones hold their beaks so wide open to be fed? LOL


Steph said...

So sweet!

LaurenSmash said...

awww I love the birdies! They are adorable :)

Jenn Maruska said...

Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing them : )

Cathy said...

The birdies are adorable. Love their names. We've had them under our deck the past few years but no one made a nest this year. It is sad when they leave the nest but hopefully they'll come back next year. Enjoy!

Tricia said...

yes Cathy, it is sad...

risa said...

cute! if they lived near me i would watch them all day long!

saffron said...

How cute, and special to watch the little ones grow!

We have a blue jay that hatched near us last year. We like to think that one of the many that are around is him. He was friendlier than the rest.

How entertaining!! Yes, do behave, Archie!!!


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